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6/3/2003 Labeodan Tobi I have a desire to improve myself in my human relations which is why i`m interested in the path of self-improvement
5/29/2003 Vinu Thomas www Hi, I am a terrible screw ups in my relationships( don`t have any now except my parents and sister as they are forced to). I just cannot seem to make friends while meeting a new person. I cannot handle myself in groups, get very nervous and it shows on my face. I cannot talk at will and if i do then i become nervours. Is meditation the way to overcome this??? Vinu
5/5/2003 Tonya Nicole Shipp n/aI am a single mother of two young girls, God-centered and positive minded. This site seemed to offer some of the same!
2/27/2003 Stanley Not applicableI am 31yrs old and have been deeply interested in innerself matters for several years.I believe that the reservoir of innerpower is largely untapped by humanity because of material entrapments(money,sex,politics,fame e.t.c) I also believe that the supreme key and power lies in tapping unexplored regions of our minds. (subconcious)My favorite topics are OBE`s and lucid dreams. I have had a number of lucid dreams but cannot induce them at will.I believe that he/she who taps into the subconcious/spiritual realms using OBE`s/lucid dreams/hypnosis has the key to unlock life`s greatest mysteries (past/present/future) as our minds have the power to transcend space & time. I also strongly believe that we humans are mystical by nature.However I havent been very successful at realising OBE`s/lucid dreams/Hypnosis. I would love to be an explorer of the uncouncious/spiritual which is as vast, as educative and as fantatsic as space exploration. Please help me in utilising this great power that our SUPREME BEING (God Almighty) has bestowed upon us
2/17/2003 john boko artisoga msn -hotmailwell;i am a kind of guy who believe our mind is like a goldmine,have been reading thomas kempis stuff for ages now,knowledge to help humanity.
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