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Dream Journal - 15 Sep 2002

Dreams - 15 Sep 2002

We're driving with my friend. The road is getting worse, I tell him we should look for another route, but he keeps going forward. There's a stream of water, my friend thinks we can cross it and drives in. The current picks up the car and moves us, faster and faster. If not for the fear of turning over and drowning, the ride would be quite exhilirating, like at the water park.

Eventually water becomes more shallow and we notice that there are many people walking around. We cry to them for help, they pick out car up and carry it. The road dead ends - there's a fence and a intersecting freeway behind it. But the people who are carrying our car are not discouraged by it, they climb over the fence and cross to another side, carrying the car too. Then they get over the fence on the other side and finally put us down.

The place looks like a small trailer park, so we decide to camp here. We get out of the car and set up a tent. A little later I see that some suspiciously-looking characters show up and try to steal our car as well as my scooter. They manage to hotwire the car, take off the locked wheel of the scooter and move them away to their secret lair. I follow them, loudly protesting this outrage, I try to fight them, but they hold their ground and finally are gone.

I return to the camp, heart-broken and notice that the freeway fence is missing. This gives me a soothing thought - perhaps I have felt asleep after we've set up the tent, so the whole story with thieves is a dream.

I am at the department store, looking at the prices of stereos. There are some strange products there, for example a Walkman cassette player with huge external speakers.
A clerk asks me to check a price for him, I notice that my shirt is almost the same color as his, so he mistook me for an employee. I tell him: "I don't work here no more".

I am talking to Lena - a lady friend of mine. She says that she now has a car, but nobody taught her how to drive, so she's having trouble getting where she wants. Lena says that she can drive ok as long as she doesn't have to turn. She is considering getting a motorcycle instead, I try to explain that it's harder to ride than a car, with speed shifting and all.

She shows me the motorcycle has in mind - it looks like a regular bicycle with motor. Apparently it can go 60mph and the idea freaks me out, since the breaks wouldn't be able to stop at this speed.

I work as a secret agent with my friend. We hang around a building, looking up at the windows of the apartments we are supposed to monitor. We think of a way to get up there, but the idea of climbing the water drainage pipe 5 floors up doesn't look appealing.

Out of boredom I look at the documents in my pocket. I am pleased to find out that my spy ID includes free pass for all kinds of public transportation.

Eventually we receive an order to go upstairs and join the actitivities in the apartment. We take the stairs, meeting several guests on the way. The party is in full swing, we join in, admire the scarcely clad ladies and soon forget about our duties.

My ICQ starts blinking, I receive a challenge to a chess game. I am a little surprised - how did they find me, since I am not connected to chess server. I suggest the time controls for the game, but the opponent does not reply. I realize that he's planning something devious. I try to guess who it is. In front of me there's a map of a terrain, which shows the potential opponents.