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Dream Journal: 1999-2000

Dreams: 1999-2000

Tuesday 07/27/99
While awake, I remembered that I usually feel good when recalling
dreams - that thought made me more willing to record them.
(In a dream)
I was walking toward my car as I remembered "focus on what you are doing". So, I have - looked at the things around me, then, while unlocking the door, I paid full attention to the process. Thought: "I may learn new things that way - since I'd be more observant and curious". * Then I woke up and I remembered that I should write down the dream. It was something about "The underground pipes are about to burst". I was writing in the Windows Notepad and at the same time found myself connected to some live radio show, the host wanted me to repeat what I was writing. That was distracting and computer didn't respond too well. Then I woke up for real - frustrated that all the text I just typed was gone - but then realized that I remember the whole experience pretty well! Wednesday 07/28/99 I am sitting at the bus stop. There's dancing going on - couples dance on the grass. They are jewish - men are dressed all in black and have beards (though for most of them beards are obviously fake). One girl is invited to dance by an older man (with a real beard). She accepts and later finds out that she actually agreed to marry him. * I went to Taco Bell and there were ladies doing car wash. They were even less dressed than usual in such cases. I rode a moped, but I decided to go back home a return with a car for such occasion :) Thursday 07/29/99 Playing chess in a tournament. Position is pretty complicated, but I find a good move. I make it and go for a walk. When I come back, my opponent made a move, but something seems wrong - the game is almost hopeless now. First I think that I missed something, but then I realize that he swiped few pieces off the board. Opponent gets disqualified and I win. * I'm at the stadium and there's competition - sort of lke x-games on espn2. Participants have to drive a car thru astronomically different course - practically impossible. The first driver revs his engine, speeds up, tries the maneuver and crashes pretty soon. Second starts moving... I notice that his car doesn't have an engine - he actually accelarates with his hands. But what he does is incredible. Every turn, every breathtaking twist - the obstacles give way and he finishes perfectly. Then there's a pause. I go closer to the organizer's booth and find out that they didn't expect anhybody to win the main prize, so they are not going to give it. There's an announcement: "The last driver was sick... and his car had no motor - so the results are nullified", There's a rage among the spectators. They try to enter the field and affect the decision, while the police tries to capture the driver, hoping that once he's gone, the people will calm down. Friday 07/30/99 I wake up and think "I had a good dream, gotta record it". But I feel lazy to get up. I sit on my bed, thinking, "can I type on the computer without approaching it?". Then I find out that I didn't really sit - I was laying the whole time. This happens several times. (This "false movement" is what helped me to go out of body for the first time - but today I didn't think to take advantage of it). * There's a planet. It's entire inside is full with mechanisms - huge factory that manufactures weaponry. The inhabitatns are planning to take over other worlds. I am a private in the army of this planet. Somehow secret documents end up in my hands - I try to pass them to my superior, but nobody allows me to speak up - their discipline is way overboard. Instead they suspect me of treason. Eventually, high rank commanders come to arrest me - they are all wearing masks, since they are paranoid too. At this point I really joined the resistance movement. Camera folds back - I no longer participate, I watch this on VCR. In the meantime, on TV there's a competition - sportsmen make little plastic birds and get them to fly back and forth like a boomerang. My friend says that he wants to know what happened with the army, so we look for the remote to rewind. But my grandpa got the other remote. First it seems like he accidentally presses wrong button, but then turns out he wants to keep watching the competition. * Magician is peforming, but the act isn't going so well. He hopes the last trick will make up to it. In it, there are squirrels and rabbits that do really fancy stuff. But we found out that he was cruel to animals, we talked to them and parsuaded them to leave him and go home instead. I try to feed a piece of candy to the parrot, somebody warns me: "Don't, he'll bite you!". I ignore the advice and indeed parrot bites me pretty hard. Ouch! * Tanks are approaching the forest. The woods are dark, but there seems to be something among the trees. There's command "Fire!" and all cannons go off, pounding whatever it is inside. * *Found a side benefit in doing this - when I get up I am more often than not in so-so mood, but recalling dreams seems to improve it! And if write them down, I actually put more effort into recall* Thursday 08/05/99 I'm at the museum. When it's time to leave, I board the elevator. The lift looks strange - it's a wide open platform. The guy who services elevator tries to get tips. After everybody gave him some money, he turns it on and then stops again. I get mad and yell at him. No result. Then I notice that one side of platform leads to the tunnel, which goes outside. I tell my brother, who's there with me: "We can get out this way!" As I go outside and prepare to climb over the fence, I realize that this is a dream and go lucid. Immediately I soar into the air. Flying - the ultimate feeling! I enjoy the air currents and fly for a while. Then I think: "Maybe I should try doing something serious". So, I descend and talk to some guy. He's going to a test in college. Surprisingly, I am almost able to read his mind. Then I talk to a lady who runs a club where "lethal boxing" (with metal in gloves) takes place. Again, I hear her very clearly and almost know ahead of time what she's gonna say. It never been this way in awake life - I attributed this to the fact that I didn't try to second-guess people while asleep. And my mind wasn't racing, so I was receptive. I look at the newspaper for a good place to go to. Find one music club and go there. I am surprised that russian rock music is playing. It's DDT - one of the best known bands. My brother is there with a handheld tape recorder. However, it's not DDT who's singing - few guys who are not very confident. The singing gets worse - they get quieter and start forgetting the words. Eventually they stop. I go into the corridor and talk to some man who says he's looking for molecules in his beard. At this point I wake up. That's a scenario from my previous dream - I fell asleep waiting for my friend, owners of the house didn't know that, put blanket over me and were later surprised to find out that I am there. As I wake up for real, I realize that the song I heard at the club is what's actually playing at the moment on my stereo. Thursday 08/12/99 We enter an ice-cream shop. First it seems like it's abandoned - no salesman and menu on the wall is empty. Then he shows up and we get some sweet stuff. Soon it's time to go back to class. We go outside. There's a fence with little door in it. Narrator explains, that this kind of fence is used in the military - as soon as motion detect senses somebody, automatic cannon fires. My friends decide it doesn't apply to them and climb over. I am a little wary, but I do the same. Nothing bad happens. Friends are far ahead of me, I try to catch up and see that they are on the other side of the river. First I am confused - how did they cross ? Then I see that this is actually a pond and I can go around it. Thursday 08/19/99 There's a ceremony - a man is being made king of Brazil. Later, there's a reform - words in the language are being changed. The king resists the change, so people try to sabotage his garden. For example, they pull out good carrots and insert bad ones instead - so that he knows that old word for "carrot" no longer works. * Me and my parents are riding a train. It goes slowly and there are fruit trees right by the window. Father leans out the window to get few apples. They are strange - once I try one, turns out, it's actually a muffin, and a very good one at that. Later we pass the same place with a lady friend of mine. There's cafe on the other side on the road. We order and then I tell her to wait, while I get couple more muffins off the tree. She asks: "Don't you know you have to pay for them ?". I go to the cash register and pay, including the one I already ate. * I decide to listen to some of the tapes that I have bought but haven't heard yet. As I look for my old tape recorder, I find a bunch of things that are collecting dust - some are worth another look, another just taking space there. Friday 08/27/99 Somebody is trying to shoot me. I overpower him and twist his arm. Me and my GF are taking him to the cops. Unfortunately, there's no police station nearby. We enter a rental place, talk to the lady and she tells us where to go. We go there, but on half way the criminal turns into a little dog. I worry, whether police will believe my story. * There are roadblocks everywhere. Eventually we get stopped too. The officer checks our car and declares that it's been stolen. I try to explain that this is wrong, that I am leasing the car. He says: "Then you'll have to pay remaining lease amount right away". I think: "Big deal, there's only 1 month remaining - $280". Sunday 08/29/99 I am in the movie theater, the show hasn't started yet. Few rows ahead I see actor who played Maynard (Gilligan) - he looks like he did before, except he is old and gray. He has a little son who looks like a mini copy of a beatnik Maynard was. Then I find out that "Dobie Gillis" has been brought back to TV - and there are new episodes. Dobie and Maynard wear hats/handkerchiefs on their heads, so you can't even tell they got older. Then they become Laurel and Hardy instead. Hardy is planning to kidnap the woman he loves, but she happens to be somebody's wife. They are ambushed, policemen and some unknown men take them away. Then 2 real criminals attack the whole copmany to free the prisoners. They overpower everybody, but one of the opponents is a real strongman. They show a mirror to him, he decides that he can't fight himself and surrenders. * It's midnight, New Year's eve. I go outside and am surprised to see how many people are out there. It is also strangely light - sun begins to rise. It confuses me, but I somehow rationalize it. Kid's soccer team is plaing on the stadium and their coach tries to persuade me taking over his duties. * I am riding my moped home, going down Olive. I see a large group of people. I stop by to see who they are. Turns out they are actors, who came from Russia, but don't have a contract and don't even speak English. They want me to help them. I am trying to make some calls, but they won't even let me do that, so I get annoyed and run away from them. * On the other side of the highway there's an agricultural grain elevator. Two men get on it, ride all the way up and then drop. * I'm at school. We're a having a test. Teacher (woman) is very playful, as she asks questions, I also get into good mood, draw some pictures in addition to answers and even look into textbook once when she turns away. When we submit the papers, she assigns me to pass around 10c postage stamps. I do. Stamps have pretty trains on them and I see that other students also look at trains in the catalogs. When I am done she tells ne to collect everybody's papers and put into envelopes. I sit down and yell for everybody to bring papers to me. I feel very relaxed and like being center of attention. * I'm talking to a girl (she could be the same as teacher in previous dream). She told me that she run away from home, was very lonely for a while, then her best friend (girl) found her, came to live with her and filled the void. Then the friend got sick and passed away. But she knows that real love will come and she'll never be alone. I feel incredible connection when she says that. I hold her hand and we cry. woo-woo-woo-woo-woo! Wednesday 09/01/99 I was playing a game - total immersion into virtual reality. There was a bar and a little town around it - some people were other players, while some were Artificial Intelligence. Tuesday 11 Jul 2000 There were several guys mocking me. I felt afraid and entered the school building toget out of sight. While on the stairs, I decided to turn back and confront them. Suprisingly, none were eager for face-to-face contact. One of them - the guy who was trying to calm down his rowdy fellows, turned out to be an angel. He said that most dream characters are imaginary, while few - gentle ones - are angels. Saturday 11 Nov 2000 I had a cool dream about a world that wasn't real and where you could die and come back, but in slightly different form. (Sounds like this one, but it was more weird. I remember, it was scary to die, but I tried to break thru the limits to see if there's spiritual growth involved - or merely some aliens controlling the whole thing). There were places like in Midtown Madness game - you could see them, but not reach them. And there was sort of a Vortex, where you could go to reach the next level or something. *Trying to remember* - maybe actual physical dying was a non-standard way, whole going thru Vortex was more expected - almost like an entertainment.