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Dream Journal - 20 Apr 2002

Dreams - 20 Apr 2002

I am driving my car, see a cop, assume that he is going to stop me to check my domain names. Mentally go through them to see which ones have expired.

Later, I reach a plaza, look for a place to u-turn. I see that that entrances are narrow and one-way. On the left I see a sign: "Buy Unix Trucks!". Think to myself: "What the hey, do they really work faster?". I try to remember the comparative speed of NT vs Unix.

I begin to u-turn, see a familiar shop. The salesman looks like Ned Ryarson from "Groundhog Day". I ask him something, but he tells me he has no time to talk, since he's leaving for a business trip.


I am at big game show. We've been going there for a long time, but this is first time they are showing it on TV. The picture moved back and forth, zoom keeps changing. The TV reporter apologizes: "Today we don't have our own operator, so we had to hire this one".


Announcer on TV says that in order to get me some assistance, he's called Mary, who works in night shift. On the screen, they show a cute, slender girl. I explain to my brother that Mary is not like that at all - she's plump.


I am facing off James Bond. With me is a girl who looks like Mia Wallace from "Pulp Fiction". I have a plastic toy gun which I've gotten as a birthday present back in my childhood.


I am walking around in a hotel. Announcer reads the list of people who are gonna be at the party tonight: "Also, Madonna can be seen here!"

Later, as the hall empties, I approach a piano and think of playing. I sit down, song "Entertainer" begins to play all by itself. Spectators assemble. Turns out when I begin to press the keys myself, the sounds get worse. Nevertheless, they give me a small boy as a student.

I am making my way through the crowd, some dude pushes me, I push him back. I recognize a bully from my high school. He's mad, promises to have a talk with me tomorrow. I plead: "No, better kick my ass now, otherwise I won't be able to sleep soundly!" Finally, he gets tired and forgives me.

Later, it is time for us to return to our home town. I go outside and see a closed shop where they sell reel-to-reel tape recorders. My friend Yuri approaches and says that he noticed this shop too. He begins to pick a boombox for himself, saying that it must be japanese.

They give us Panasonic, but it's in a bad shape. Salesman explains: "Also, somebody has spilled rubbing alcohol over it". At the far shelf I see a Sony reel-to-reel, it looks like the one I have at home. I take it out.
At this point turns out we don't have enough money. Yuri says: "Ok, I'll drive to Saint Louis to get money, I can also test the recorder at home while I am at it".

I leave.
At this point my alarm clock starts ringing. I hit 'snooze' button every 10 minutes, while at the same time being partly in a dream and feeling guilty that I am laying around, while Yuri is waiting for me with the money in another city :):)