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Dream Journal - 21 Jun 2003

Dreams - 21 Jun 2003

I am listening to a phone hacking instructions: "Put one end of the cable into the phone, another end - in your ear. Press '1', operator will pick up the phone and say 'press 0 to confirm'. Quickly press '0' and then he will tell you what number you are calling from.

I have to get into the attic and find something. There's a cat in attic's fireplace. I take her out, but the next one shows up. We shoo away around 20 cats, before we can get what we need.

I am playing goalie in team handball. Things are going pretty well. The game ends - and then starts again for some reason. With every new game, it becomes harder for me. Eventually, it gets to the point where I am beginning to get blind spots and body numbing. I let several goals in, the fans are unhappy, but I can't help it.

I am driving through an unknown country side. I heard that it's not safe here, some unsavory characters assemble in these places. I find that heard to believe - landscape is calm, buildings look expensive.

At this point the artillery fire begins. I find our that America is under attack. I join a militia squad. Little volunteer groups walk around, only 2-3 people each. Each group is dressed in its own way, some even weard nazi insignia. It's unclear who's a friend and who's a foe.

I am in my hometown Riga, walking the Stuchki street, looking for a restaurant where I can get some fooz and booze. It's winter, wet snow is falling. I remember that I don't have to walk normal way - instead I can hover over the earth. And that's what I begin doing.

Some military guys are at the intersection, they have hi-tec equipment. I begin to worry that they are monitoring me. Still, I continue hovering, hoping they won't notice. But they see me and the chase begins.

Camera angle changes - now I participate in the chase and we are on the trail of my friend. We catch him, but by that point he's become a robot. Soldiers take him apart and I hope that there's still a human inside a metal body.

Another camer change - in the meantime, me and other alien are glad that soldiers are distracted. We are climbing up the joints of a run-down home up to the attic. Our goal - to lit a fuse near the attic window. Once we do - apocalypse will follow.

We are trying to lit, but matches fizzle, and the time is approaching midnight. If we don't make it in time, our devious plan will fail. We try to get the fire again and again, no luck.

Finally, we see that the minute hand has passed 12. We lost. We burst into flames (like demons in "Charmed"), but to our surprise, we don't die.

Moreover, turns out that we now have additional powers, so that we can win this time. But what powers are those?

We approach a farmer's market and sit down at the cafe stand. Women sit around us and suddenly one of them says the words that I was thinking. Then the next one - smiles at us, offers to treat us to some food. My and my colleague exchange glances - so, now we have the power to control minds.

Earth, beware!