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Dream Journal - 2 Jan 2001

Dream Journal - 2 Jan 2001

I was at work, when I realized that I want to try levitating. I closed my eyes, tried moving up and felt that it's happening. Soon I felt I was near the ceiling - I reached out and touched it!

My co-worker Greg was around - later (in a dream) he said that he indeed found me near the ceiling!

Than I 'woke up' in my old apartment in Riga. And I realized that I can still fly! I did it by jumping up, falling back down and then jumping again - this time I was left bobbing in the air!

I explored the apartment and when I returned to my room, even more surprising thing happened. The phone rang and it was God on the phone. The voices kind of of reminded those in the Conversations with God casettes.

He told me to look for the next insights. I remembered that indeed, latest insight was given to me out of the blue. (I got it in a dream, it was as if a chapter of "Celestine Prophecy" Manuscript was just given to me by stranger). I tried to remembed a word and called it synergy - but it could also be 'synchronicity'.

Also 'campside literature' was mentioned and 'Native American'.

As I was listening on the phone - and even capturing the words on voice recorder (even tried plugging out the coupler from my computer, so I could listen and record hands-free), notes also started appearing on paper.

There was a drawing: 3 persons are not more important than two. It also shown, how things could be combined to form something new.

It gave me a feeling of: Everyone and everything is important!

Also, it could have been advice for me me to see the things in wider light, use them to the fullest.

And there was Love - both in the voice and in me - I've said "I Love you God" more than once and at the end there were pictures of woman, child and favorite food - the things we love. We love them in a different way, but God is all - thus we love God in all of these ways!!!

Also, at some point, God looked up the 'famous people dictionary'. Turned out that everybody is famous! (Ah! We're all magnificient, "Conversations With God"!) For my mother, there was a note: (famous as) Mother/Wife. Wow.
God asked me not to tell her, but I probably will anyway. That was in a dream, where hardbound info might have been undesirable, but here it's gonna sound dreamy to her anyway.

Wow again.

BTW, from "wanna have such experience again" standpoint, I did the '60 minute Mind Magic' Light & Sound session. In the beginning I was also doing the "Oh, God is all there is" mantra, doing one line during inbreath, holding during next line, one line during outbreath and holding during last one.

When I stopped mentally singing, I focused on the flashes and body sensations.

Awoke - one of the first thoughts was - "so, it was a dream". But then I quieted the skeptic, got up and recorded all I remembered here! Thank you, God! I love you!