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Andy's Dream Journal - 8 Oct 2003

Dreams - 8 Oct 2003

I am walking around in a parking lot. Somehow I know that a border of 2 states is near by. I cross the divider to see what state I am in. As I walk closer to the building at the end of the lot, I see a sign: "National Horse Archive".

I recall that I am at the top of the hill, so if I come closer to the building, I may be able to look down at the city. However, there is construction going on, and my sandals are no match for the mud.

I walk back toward my car and find out that I am standing at the top of the wall and my car is parked underneath. I see a chain hanging down. I consider whether it would be safe thing to slide down the chain.

Two girls are passing by at the base of the wall. They start flirting with me. The wall is high, so they cannot see me that well. One of them asks whether I have long or short hair. I remember that I haven't washed my hair for a few days, so it's kind of scary looking. Thus, I give an evasive answer.

Later, I meet a talking ape and he instructs me in the ways of romance. He says: "You have to look at life simpler. I always do what I want when dealing with female apes - and I never have any problems. Well, except for fleas".

I learn to fly and soar into the sky. Then I look down and see a building that looks interesting. I land on the roof and find out that it's tiny and shaky. Fear sets in, so I decide to fly up again and never mind the landings for now.
I walk around with a friend. He improvises a short 4-line poem and waits for my reaction. I want to tell him that it's not very good, since all the rhymes are old. Then I realize they are not - I don't think anybody has rhymed "pool" and "Constantinople" before.
I wake up and think that I should log the dreams. I turn on my voice recorder, but it immediately beeps and shows 'low battery' message. I fumble in the dark for the power supply and plug it in. Then I find out that there's no space left in the recorder and I have to delete some older messages. Problem is, when I look at the list of messages, none of them looks familiar, so I am afraid to erase something I'll regret later.

Then I wake up for real and realize that was a false awakening.

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