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Andy's Dream Journal - 9 Oct 2003

Dreams - 9 Oct 2003

Me and my girlfriend are sitting near the Latvian University building, talking about studies. I dig through my pockets, find an essay with a grade "D" on it, decide that there's no point of keeping it for future generations, and throw it into the trash can. At this point my attention is caught by a shape in the sky - like a cloud, but strictly triangular. I point it out to my girlfriend and we both look at the triangles' movement. It spins, getting closer to us. Then it changes shape and disappears behind the houses. I expect an explosion, but nothing happens. The object shows up again - shaped as a flying saucer!

Ball of fire shoots out of the UFO and it explodes on the asphalt, 3 feet away from me. I begin running toward the University, but the aiming is complete - next ray is pointed squarely at me. I find myself in a light tunnel and feel myself being pulled up.

Few seconds later I am inside the saucer. I feel fear - what experiments will I have to endure here? I ask a bearded man (if aliens have some differences from humans, it wasn't immediately apparent), he tells me that they are going to test me, but it won't hurt. This calms me down a little and they pass me into the hands of a lab lady. While she's preparing her tools, I try to ask questions:
"How did I get here? Is this anti-gravity?"
"Exactly right"
"Are you hostile towards us?"
"Hard to say. Our crew isn't, but who knows what our government is up to"
"Could you tell me how far ahead are you from us technically?"
"You may find this hard to believe, but 3 years ago we were on the same level as you. Until we've discovered a certain mineral. It's research was a revolutionary jump forward for the science"
"What mineral, I guess you won't tell me?"

At this point conversation ends and the experiments begin. Mostly nothing scary, though in the last test they puncture my ear drum to measure the level of pain reaction.

They they tell me:
"Now we'll put you back on the Earth. You will remember nothing".

I think:
"Damn, If I'll lose my memory of this, I'd better take something with me"
So, I grab some brochure from the table and hide it between the pages of my notebook. Then I take a newspaper and try to fold it and stick it in my pocket. No luck, it's too big. I look at the front page and see a heading: "UFO Bases - Dubulti".

Then the bearded technician comes back. He takes the newspaper away immediately and then asks me about the notebook. I tell him: "It's my class notes". He looks through it, occasionally focusing on differential equations, but probably not finding anything useful in them. I begin to think that I got away with it, but then he reaches the end and finds the brochure I swiped.

He throws the notebook into the corner and opens the door. I think: "This is the end of me" and try to make peace with him. I probably suceed, because he doesn't push me out right away, but waits till we land. "Go now", he says, "you'll find your way home by yourself". I start walking, while the UFO flies 10 steps forward and the man stands in the doorway, with some gadget. I understand that once I pass the ray of light, amnesia will set in. One more step.. bam!... saucer disappears and I am all by myself.

For some reason, memory remains. I reach the end of the field and get on the road. I check my pockets - nothing there. Trying to determing what area I am in, read street name - doesn't sound familiar. I ask some vagabond for help, but he just grunts in reply, probably asking for money. I show him my empty pockets to demonstrate that my financial situation isn't any better. I reach some club, a bouncer stands at the doors. I ask him:
"What city is this?".
"Point City, Minnesota"
"How far is it to Saint Louis?"
"I don't know, but if you have money..."
"Nope, no money, that's the problem"
"Well then, stop by the library, ask them"

I start walking toward the library and wake up.

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