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Dream Journal - Introduction

Dream Journal - Introduction

I have always enjoyed dreaming. In fact, it could be my favorite pastime of all. One thing that frustrates me is how little of my dreams I can remember. Books suggest practicing dream recall, but when I wake up and try to write my dream, it's really hard. I often have to use words like "for some reason", "turned into", "found myself in", etc - because the dream changes fast and the cause-n-effect laws don't work there.

Often, putting a dream into words feels like I've returned from the future back into Stone Age and trying to tell others what I've seen.

Nevertheless, I believe that dream recall is a worthy endeavor - for one, it may help me bring my Conscious and Subconsious mind closer together, which is an extremely useful goal.

On a less serious note, imagine going to a movie - and forgetting all you've seen once you step out of the theater. You cannot discuss the film with friends, cannot quote it, nothing. This is what dreams are like: cool, interesting, but easily forgotten. Solution? Practicing dream recall and keeping a journal.

Andy Zaitsev