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My Out of Body Experiences - 14 November 2003

After I went to bed, my body felt strange, like it's sliding somewhere. I realized it's a good opportunity for OBE, and so it was.

Once I was out, I affirmed: "I move to the next level", felt the familiar spinning and closed my eyes. Once the spinning stopped, I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark alley.

As I flew past the dark houses, I heard a dog barking. I came closer and realized that the dog can sense me, even though I was invisible. As I approached the animal, I saw that it wasn't fully formed. It looked like an unfinished sketch of a dog. Or maybe like something that's about to teleport, so it's half-way disappeared. I came closer and tried to pet it, but my fingers went through - it had no substance.

Don't remember much of what happened afterwards - I recall sitting next to some guy at the computer screen and asking him to tell me about the astral levels. He didn't seem to know much, or was too busy surfing the web.

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