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I was reading Astral Dynamics last night. The book is very comprehensive, though seems a bit heavy on theory in the beginning chapters. As I struggled with the concepts of mind-split and levels of projection, I felt that I am beginning to doze off, so I 'fast forwarded' to the part where project techniques are described. I got to the section where it talks about doing progressive muscle relaxation and remembered that I have used this in the past and it was useful. So, I decided to try that.

As recommended, I tightened and relaxed every muscle I could think of. Then I began imagining vibrations (tingling) forming in parts of my body. As I experienced tingling in one part, I would move to the next.

Once entire body was tingling, I began affirming "Vibrations getting stronger". Eventually, I've felt that my entire body is numb, affirmed "I am rising up" and was out of my body.

Once out, I said "Clarity now" to improve the vision and hovered to the table where I left an open book - to see if I can read the page number while OBE. The numbers were changing, so I tried using "I am using real-time sight" (also based on Astral Dynamics). This seemed to calm the numbers down and I got page number: 15.

Later, when I was awake, I double checked and the number was wrong - the actual one was 345. Once again, the experiment to prove that OBE is not just in my mind did not quite succeed. However, this was my first OBE for a while, so I felt good about that.

Next time I will try using a deck of cards instead of a book - perhaps this will allow me to get an accurate read. Perhaps it will be simpler if I use an incomplete deck (just queens, jacks, kings and aces), so I won't need to mess with numbers. Extra benefit to this approach could be this - since I know that a card I picked is one of these, I can keep trying to read it until I see one of them (with numbers, it's harder, since I cannot be sure that a number I see is correct one or not).

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