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My Out of Body Experiences - 16 Dec 2002

As I was laying in bed, I kept affirming: "I am rising up" and "I experience my higher self", hoping that when my body is ready, these affirmations may trigger automatically.

Later, I imagined myself rolling in the grass and down a grassy hill. Soon, my body was feeling dizzy and I strongly affirmed "I am rising up". I felt like my feet are moving higher and higher, while my head remains on the pillow. Eventually, I was fully out of body.

At this point I affirmed "I experience my higher self". I've felt the pull and began flying, led by some force. First, I kept moving up, through the ceiling of my room, trying to get through the roof. At some point it seemed like roof is too dense, but then I made it through.

I flew into backyard and further into the woods. As I did, I thought that it doesn't look quite like physical world, since we now have a new subdivision behind our house.

I kept flying through the woods. They were green (did not realize at the time that the season not match didn't physical, since it's winter out here). Vision was a bit fuzzy, so I asked "Clarity now".

There was a big lake ahead and I asked if my route can go over the lake. My flight path adjusted and I passed over the edge of it.

I have reached a street. There was a wooden sign, a cemetery or something. I strained to memorize the writing, so later I could drive to that location and verify it. (Now that I am back in body, 'cemetery' is all I remember).

Few kids were passing by and they seemed to see me. One jumped up trying to catch me, as one would catch a runaway balloon. I smiled, rose higher and told him: "Learn about OBE!".

Soon after I've felt my physical body laying in bed again. I was back.