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My Out of Body Experiences - 20 Mar 2003

I left my body and exited the house through the window. Outside, I affirmed "I move to the next energy level" and closed my eyes. Few seconds of spinning followed, then it stopped.

I opened my eyes and saw that the house changed. I looked at it closer and saw that both number and street name are unfamiliar. Nothing much was happening, so I requested "next level" again.

I found myself at the party. There were lots of people, but none looked familiar. I wandered around, then went outside and met my brother. We started talking and I thought this could be a good opportunity to get him to tell me some of the secrets he keeps in waking life. I tried that, but he wouldn't give them up. Soon after that I lapsed into regular dream.

I remember, that I left the TV on before falling asleep, with CNN's Iraq war coverage. Parts of the news stories integrated into my dreams. I dreamt of being near Kuwait border, hearing that Iraq just launched the missiles and wondering what will happen to me now.