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Out of Body Experience journal

My Out of Body Experiences -
Sunday 25 Jun 2000

I got up, first I didn't see anything - my eyes were closed - and then somehow I was able to make out the room - without opening them. I looked around - the room looked like it always does, and I saw myself in the mirror.

Then I returned to body, and soon was able to get out again. This time I exited my room and walked down the corridor. Noticed that the closet doors didn't look exactly right - but as I focused on them, they took more familiar form.

Also, occasionally vision would fade - for example I didn't see the front door, but I've felt it and it seemed right.

Another thing - the music on my speakers kept playing as I wandered around the house. It does not deny the reality of astral body though:
1) It could be moving in another dimension, without having to leave the 3D position of physical body. 2) It could keep connection to physical body throughout the experience.

Remembered couple more things:
1. There was a point when I didn't think I was out yet - and I couldn't open my eyes to check. But then I visualized my room and I knew I was out. This correlates with my earlier expereinces - blurred vision seems common. In a way it makes sense, since we are not using physical eyes.

2. At some point I was laying and I thought I had my physical eyes open. I was raising hands and they were half-transparent - while I saw my solid hands remain laying by my side!