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After I left body, I tried to do a reading test again - there was some official form hanging on the wall, so I stared at it. The typed parts stayed still, but the handwritten ones kept changing - similar to how you can scrol thru records in a database, when field names remains but values change.

Then I said "I am meeting my birth father" (who died) and felt being pulled somewhere. I flew on 'autopilot' for a while, till I reached a parking lot where it looked like a family reunion day - lots of kids and parents. I saw one that looked like my father, aproached him, but when I started talking to him, I realized it's someone else. He tried to coax some money out of me, I got annoyed and woke up.

Once awake, I looked at the alarm clock to check the time and saw thet digits are all faded out. I checked the power cord, shook it, got mad at the clock and then realized it's a dreamsign - this was a false awakening!

Then I remembered an OBE command I wanted to try for a while now: "I experience God". Once again, the 'automatic flight' started. I kept my eyes open. First I felt the coolness of the breeze, then warmth of the sun. Flying thru the forest I was touched by beauty of leaves. Diving underwater, I was amazed by freshness of the sea. Each of these feelings came automatically and was pure joy. I came to realize that everything I've seen is a gift to us, meant to be enjoyed.

After that I saw a flooded road, with a car struggling to stay in control. The wind and water were against car driver, but he held on.

A cartoonish episode followed, with birds running their mouths about how sick they are that bear is being the boss in the forest, while they don't get a say. Eventually bear got tired of listening and said that he will resign - but at this point birds got panicky and begged him to stay. (Now that my awake, this part reminds me of a motif from Bruce Almighty).