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OBE Commands

OBE Commands

In a waking state, the affirmations do not work as well as I would hope. For example, I may affirm "I am peaceful" and my mind responds with "No you're not, who are you kidding?".

However, while out of body, mind is a lot more responsive to mental commands. Here are the few that I've tried and succeeded with:

  • "I am floating (rising) up".
    This one helps me separate from physical body once I have achieved the vibrations/sleep paralysis. The alternative is getting out via brute force, struggling out of body. This command makes it a lot easier.
  • "Clarity now".
    This one tunes up the "astral vision". Most of the time, once I leave the body, the surroundings are too dark/fuzzy to see. This command makes vision work nearly as well as in waking state. The alternative is to wait for the vision to arrive naturally, while using other senses (like touch) to get around.
  • "I move to the next level".
    This one is a great way to explore the astral world. Apparently it moves me to another dimension, or perhaps to a higher vibration rate. As a result, I find myself in another place. So far my most profound experience (feeling of God's presence) has been achieved using this command repeatedly.
  • "I experience my true essence".
    This one has lead to interesting results, though somewhat disconcerting - a bit like Neo waking up from the Matrix.

Please let me know if you know more OBE commands - I would be extremely interested to hear about them and try them out!