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Out of Body Experience journal

My Out of Body Experiences -
23 Oct 2002

In the morning, I lay on my back while snoozing. Feel the body paralysis, roll out of bed. (Looks like laying on back is conductive for morning OBEs!) Vision is dark, so I ask "vision now" and "clarity now".
My vision improves after that.
I leave my house and find myself in a picture gallery. Many people are walking here.. but actually it looks like they are floating! I look at one lady's soles and see that they are not touching the ground!

The pictures are actually posters. I look at one of them - it's Stalin embracing Hitler and saying: "Let's talk about Volgograd".

Later, I am out of body again. I hear my Mom knocking on the door, but can't respond, since I am not in physical state. She's worried, brings our relatives to look for me. When I return to body, I realize that Mom and relatives were part of a dream.

Later that night I had a dream:
Aliens have landed, they are of friendly sort. We try to establish contact, but one girl who lives in our house already did. I see her leaving the house, she wears headphones and shakes her head. Alien comes with her. When they pass my car, I see alien go right through it - so he's immaterial.

Later, I stop the girl and ask what the alien was telling her. She says: "I don't know, I didn't hear anything. I just dance, and whenever I do, they follow me".