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My OBE - 29 Oct 2002

My Out of Body Experiences - 29 Oct 2002

This morning, I was snoozing for almost two hours, getting frustrated that I can't catch the moment when the sleep paralysis begins. Tried laying on back and both sides, finally put NovaDreamer sleeping mask on to cut down on the light. Eventually, began falling asleep. In a dream, I was walking a dog without a leash, dog kept running away, doing its business and finding some junk to eat. Then it turned into a cat and I saw it jump off the road down into the valley, where it began jumping from one treetop into another. I thought this would be a cool thing to do and tried it myself. Soon, I was flying.

At that point, I remembered that a dream could be turned into an OBE, so I affirmed: "I am floating out of body". And I did! I was back in my bedroom, rising out of body! I went through the bedroom window effortlessly and found myself outside. At this point I asked "Clarity now" and was amazed at how detailed the picture is.

I remembered that I wanted to try "I move to the next level" phrase and said it. Vision went somewhat blurry, so I said "Clarity now" again.

I found myself in a small dorm room. There were pictures of a band on every wall, I knew that this room belongs to a lead singer. I am trying to figure what is my relation to him, look at the pictures, seeing if I am one of the band. A girl walks in and asks if I am one of the early members, who is not playing in the band anymore.

At this point alarm clock starts ringing. I see it and try to turn it off, but I can't.

I think I should try the other affirmation I've read about: "I am meeting my higher self", but the sound of alarm bugs me, so I choose to return to my body.