I've always been interested in psychology. I've considered studying it after school - but I wasn't serious enough to follow up, so instead I took my father's suggestion and went into Computer Science. But the interest remained - thinking about how people interact, what they feel, what motivates them.

It wasn't until a painful breakup with my girlfriend than I became involved with self-improvement. I thought like this: "I've experienced some incredible highs when I was with her. I've felt kind and I did selfless things. I loved her and I loved myself when we were together. But there must be a way to feel the same way when I am by myself! All emotions originate inside me, everything that happens to me only matters because of the way I percept and interpret it."

Several years ago my brother brought home "Unlimited Power" tapes by Anthony Robbins. They were given to him at the seminar he had to take at work. Back then I thought "Well, yeah, so the managers want him to be motivated and make more money for company. Big deal". So, I let the tapes collect dust. But sometime after, when I decided to learn about myself, I recalled that we have those tapes. I listened to them - the thoughts in that course were profound. Some ideas were totally new and some seemed so simple, I was ready to say "Why didn't I think about that ?".

And so, I've embarked on a journey. I am looking for peace of mind. For motivation that comes for within. For love and acceptance of self. On the way, I've made some interesting discoveries - and I'd like to share them with you.

The core of this site is my Self-Improvement diary, which I kept since 1996. I usually write in mix of English and Russian. I am in process of translating it fully to English as well as adding some cross-references.

Enjoy the site and good luck with your Adventures in Life!

Andy Zaitsev