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Mid-Life Perception: It's Your View That Counts

Managing the Time You Haven't Got

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The Difference Between "Need" and "Want"

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Career Springtime

Cathy's irreverent guide to career testing

Stereotypes of career choice and relocation

Tied up in knots? Find the right string and pull!

Want to reach your goals faster? Create your own ritual

"I have to decide and I can't afford to make a mistake!"

Sticking to It vs. Sinking into It

Read before you leap

The Monica Lewinsky Challenge: career change for the high profile professional

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Read the fine print of your dream

On not being afraid of fear

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When you're really, truly stuck

Get everyone on board for your career transition journey

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Jumpers vs. Clingers at Midlife

The Lost Vocation

The toughest career decision you'll ever have to make

Make every day your Independence Day

The obstacles you overcome

Ten irreverent,light-hearted tips for time management during a life transition

"Sorry, coach, I have a headache!" (Feeling tired can be a wake-up call!)

How do I follow a rainbow when there's no pot of gold in sight?

Don't let wet blankets smother your dreams: turn them into comfort quilts

Talk your way to financial freedom

Don't overdrive your headlights

Are you 3F? Overcoming three major blocks to career freedom

Loneliness of the Long-Distance Transitioner

On the job

Get ready for your performance review before you start the job.

Get out of the box: Lessons from Clockwatchers

Your own career path

Facing a midlife career shift? Do you jump or hold on?

"It happened by chance:" The serendipity career path

Starting your own Small Business

Choose a coach who won't kill your business

When negativity helps you reach your dreams

Are you ready to start a business?

How to hire a marketing coach...or not

Lessons about customer service from Tony Soprano and Club Med

How NOT to set up a website for your business

Myths about moving to freedom via the entrepreneurship road

Beware the tactics trap!

Intuition: Your secret success weapon

When school is part of your freedom plan

Back to school? Tough questions to ask before you write that check


Stereotypes of career choice and relocation

Ten tips for a smoother move

Surviving the short-term move

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Intuition: Your secret success weapon

For the 21st century, you need intuition

Using tarot cards to access intuition

A totally irreverent view of prosperity programs

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Ah, the cat days of summer...

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