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11/28/2002 Jess msnHi my name is Jessica Elias It was by chance that I came to this website. Not sure at the moment Autobiographies and biographies making friends on line. Not sure !
10/6/2002 Donna Mass n/aI know now that I came to earth to heal, and, more importantly, be healed. I experienced, among many healing insights, Cancer 18 years ago and have made it my life-long ambition to find out who I am and to heal the parts of me that no longer fit. I have read all these entries up to this moment and found a common thread that links us all. My primary healing realm has been through my profession as an Occupational Therapist- `teaching/learning the skills for the job of living`. I seek others to create dialog and to share our paths. A few important books along the way have been: `Heal Your Body` Louise Hay, `The Four Agreements` Ruiz, `The Power of Now` Eckhardt Tolle, and most importantly, the toughest one, `A Course In Miracles` Foundation for Inner Peace. I have created like-minded communities and will probably create more of them, but I have been moving around a lot lately, so I move out of physical presence with those people. I am looking forward to creating a like-minded community of friends that will go with me where this apparatus goes, now that I have one. I hope that you will find this site, as I have, and that the creation that this owner brought forth will help us heal our world and, more importantly, heal ourselves. Namaste.
9/16/2002 chandanee n/alife is a nice journey if lived spiritually. Discover inside for all happiness. I love friends who think alike. Smile, love all serve all.
4/18/2002 Holly Kumpf noneLife and its events have brought me to the path of self-empowerment. Ever since a young child I have watched power-dynamics take place between people. Some have been synegistic and some have been downright destructive. Balance with so many different personalities is a difficult task for humans to handle. My relationship with others has deeply affected my spirituality and belief in all nature, including our own. I do not include myself with any formal religion. I believe in the individual wholeheatedly. Nature and science are religion enough for me. My favorite books so far on this subject have been by Ayn Rand and Hermann Hesse. Both give one the feeling of self-empowerment in such a logical yet transcending fashion. There is no better feeling for a human to have than feeling that you DO have control over your environment. I do not belong to a like-minded community; many people who surround me have fallen into their predestined traditional roles without finding out who they, themselves are. I am seeking likeminded liberated individuals for correspondence and discussion. No one can be truly free, as Rousseau stated. We can, however, make choices that make our lives and the lives around us most beneficial.
3/30/2002 Victoria Pinson naI have always had that if it doesn`t matter if all the necc. of the body have been filled i.e. food, drink, sleep, sex. A yearning that there is something intanagable to the senses that is calling me, but for some reason my soul will not let me be full. From age 4 or 5 I have had out of body experiences, telepathic impulses, but I don`t know how to `accept` these gifts.I appreciate communication from the club, or anyone that identifies with me. Thanks for being here.
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