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3/8/2002 Kerry Standifur noneI am a person with a disability & try to see the positive aspect of that & want to keep an upbeat attitude at all times to be a better person.
2/3/2002 Carrie NoneI was brought to this site because of my interest in spirituality. Some of the current books I am reading about the subject is `The Power of Myth` and `Handbook for the Soul`. I would be very interested in speaking with others about their search for their spiritual selves. I am in search of a like-minded community.
1/19/2002 Marie Keep Canada Warm Realizing the need for inner-beauty put me on the path to self-improvement & spirituality. I enjoy books by Melodie Beattie,Depok Chopra (, etc. Personal growth & helping others is very important to me.
9/28/2001 pat naulty noneWhen I realised that the material world held no hope of fulfillment for me, I looked inside myself and found traces of a spiritually richer life that was always with me as a child and which I had somehow left behind. I`m trying to re-create that certainty of belonging to something that is bigger and longer lasting than the short-term pleasures of this world.
9/9/2001 Jyotika Rediscover Your True Self My personal dedication to reclaiming my peaceful heart brought me to the spiritual path. I have learned how to live in the moment guided by my truth, my divine source. I am now a Personal Freedom Coach. I hold space for spiritual seekers to release old programming that does not work any more and release societal conditioning that keeps you from your true self. I am currently writing a book `Self Love, The Pathway to Unshakeable Peace.` I am now grateful for the tragedies in my life as they have given me a richness of understanding. I now coach people from a place of understanding. I recommend we all start with reading `The Four Agreements` by Don Miguel Ruiz.
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