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Thursday 01/02/97
I get slightly annoyed when I meet other fans of a book I
enjoy, but they cannot say anything interesting about it.
Sometimes I get tired of a task, but am afraid to drop it,
since I worry that I won't pick it up agai later.

Tuesday 01/07/97
It sort of motivates me that somebody picks up my good idea
(which I felt lazy to implement myself).
State of worry - I don't like the current state and don't
see a sure way to improve it.
Money saving mode - every potential spending generates a
negative reaction and is more likely to be avoided.
Making a promise gets me off the hook instantly, but it
stays with me and nag me when the person I made promise to
has left.

Wednesday 01/08/97
It's annoying when I am trying to understand something, and
the person I am talking to just keeps saying the same thing
louder, instead of explaining.
Interesting, even though I don't accept other's opionion on
what is 'sharp' or 'cool', but I don't feel confident to
make such decisions myself.

Thursday 01/09/97
Sometimes standing up is enough to get a deep breath and
calm down.
If not, going outside and walking outsied does the trick.
When expectation is heavy and the desired event finally
happens, I don't feel joy, I feel "finally, better late than

Friday 01/10/97
Overload is not a problem when I  remember that all this is
a game.
Responding with evil to evil doesn't bring me neither calm,
nor healing.
Responding with kindness feel unordinary and could be a step
toward higher consciousness.
Refusal to defend myself gives a feeling of strength.
Refusal to prove my innocence weakens the sense of guilt.