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Tuesday 10/01/96
Web is good for me, since the way I create is via short
bursts of activity.  On the Web, these bursts do not
disappear, but stay on my pages.

Thursday 10/03/96
Imagination is stronger than reality, it's not neccessary to
buy things, I can just fantasize about them.

Friday 10/04/96
I was planning to buy a used moped and worried that I won't
be able to fix it up once i have it.
Now I decided not to buy, and it seems that it was ideal.

Monday 10/07/96
Automatic thoughts in good state of mind:
  1. I am in control
  2. I am making things better
  3. I am getting closer to my goals
  4. I can make positive changes right now
  5. The success is unavoidable
  6. Mistakes can be easily corrected
  7. There's enough time
  8. Somebody stop me!
  9. Easy to feel wonder. Take the Internet - what a great
  10. concept!
  11. Fun when driving, no rush to get anywhere in particular.
* Another inner conflict. On one hand - guilt that I am not doing something (=> fear of consequnces). On another, fear of action (=> hassle, possible failure). Redefining from "damned if you do, damned if you don't" to "blessed if you do...": I can do something, reach a goal, enjoy the process. Or I can do nothing, relax, have a good rest, have fun. When there's feat on both sides, there's one more Fear that interferes with decision making: fear of making the wrong choice. However, when both choices are right, I can't fail! * Got caught up bidding on Ebay, bought some old printer, now I don't know whether I want it. While I was in a bid war, my opponent seemed the most important thing. Now the opponent is gone and I it's just me and my purchase, which actually was the only important thing to start with. I get into the fight and once I've won I realize that I don't want the fruits of victory and I desperately wait for somebody to come and rescue me. This is example when time distortion (imagining what I would feel like in the future) would give me a good idea whether I want this thing or not. * It is easy to do long term project when I know that things get better with every step. Primer - huge list of sweepstakes I can enter online - with each one I fill, my chances of win grow. * My friend is right when says: "When you do something interesting, it makes sense to take a break while you still have some energy. If I keep on it till I am dead tired, chances are I won't want to start next time".