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Sunday 10/30/96
Interesting, I've read that Travolta's character
in "Phenomenon" movie is an ideal man according to

Even more interesting, they say that they've generalized all
religions - same claim that
Science of Mind makes.

"Workable philosophy that can be applied to help one achieve a happier and
richer existence"
Cool, that's a good slogan.

More quotes:

"The function of Scientology:  to enable man to improve his
lot through understanding."

"Man's knowledge of the physical universe had far outdistanced his
knowledge of himself."

"Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. It holds in common many of
the beliefs of other religions and philosophies, and considers man to be a
spiritual being, with more to him than flesh and blood."

"Scientology believes man to be basically good, not evil."

"Scientology believes that an individual placed in a position where he has
higher intelligence, where he can confront life better, where he can
identify the factors in his life more easily, is also in a position to
solve his own problems and so better his own life."

What they say, make sense. I am feeling that my negative
opinion of Scientology is weakening (the opinion formed by
the scandals of the church fighting against pepople on the

"The goal of Scientology is to ... wake the individual up."

"Scientology means literally "knowing how to know.""

"Man does not HAVE a spirit. He IS a spirit"

"man is a spiritual being who aspires to understand and improve life."

Tao: "When men are most natural, they move according to the laws of
interdependence and interaction of all universal laws, and so maintain a
perfect harmony and balance"

"Socrates held that neither he nor anyone else had the right to force
opinions on others. Rather, through systematic questioning, he sought to
lead others to cast aside preconceptions and reach their own conclusions."

Interesting, they unite everything into a united picture.
Soon we'll get to Christ, will see what they say there.

They subscribe to an idea that cultures would deteriorate
becayse people didn't listen to the prophets.

"Hence, the special appeal of Christ's message that the Kingdom of God was
not only at hand, but lay within all those with faith."

"Though crucified, the hope that Christ brought to man did
not die. Instead, his death became symbolic of the triumph of
the spirit over the material body and so brought a new awareness of man's true nature."

Mind over matter, nice!

"Toward the end of this period, in 1215, English barons forced King John to
sign the famous Magna Carta. This historic document, a formal recognition
of the rights of others, was built on the belief that the basic nature of
man was good, not evil, and that he was capable of determining his own
The provisions included the guaranteed freedom of the church, respect for
the customs of towns, protection of the rights of subjects and communities,
and what would later be interpreted as a guarantee of the right of trial by
jury. These represented the triumph of law over king, and thus reason over
But the late fifteenth century ushered in the Inquisition, which again
sought to quell man's sense of reason and his reach for spiritual
enlightenment. Those subscribing to beliefs unacceptable to the Catholic
church were tried and tortured until they renounced their "heretical
Anyone thought to have "strange" or "different" ideas could be labeled a
blasphemer or even a witch, then burned at the stake if they refused to
accept the established beliefs."

Interesting, appears that Inquisition was the similar kind
of people who crucified Christ to start with.

"But man's desire to understand himself and the world around him could not
be stopped and men like Leonardo da Vinci pursued their studies in the hope
of finding the answers. A brilliant painter, engineer, astronomer and
botanist, Leonardo helped launch the Renaissance and a new age of
scientific discovery in the face of ridicule from the ignorant and bigoted.
Even the most seemingly innocuous studies had to be undertaken with
discretion, as the watchful eye of the Inquisition was ever present. In
fact, many of his notes were written out so they could only be read in a

"Fleeing suppression and intolerance in Europe, pilgrims of several faiths
set sail for the New World where their aspirations of freedom were probably
best summed up by Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. He wrote,
"..that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness." The light of spiritual freedom was once again
burning bright."

Whoa, interesting interpretation!
And what are they gonna say about slavery?

"Psychiatry was born, as a tool for tyrannical governments."
Whoa, now they are beginning to talk nonsense.
Their attack on psychiatry and totall uncivil.
Watch out!

"The psychologist believes in materialism."
Heh, where did they get this idea?
Oh well, good start, bad finish.

Interesting, how can they say that they are based on
religion and science if they deny
psychology and psychiatry?

"And the extraordinary achievement of Dianetics and Scientology has been
the development of exact, precise methods to increase man's awareness and

Wow, they sure are self-confident.
They make it look like instructions for Happiness.
Nothing specific yet, though.

"One must learn the axioms of existence by training in Scientology if one
is to attain a higher awareness of life."
Truth in final instance, eh?
Really beginning to look suspicious now.

A lot of similiarities to Science of Mind, except in
SoM they say that they don't have all the answers, but here
the claim they got them all. Enticing, but hard to believe.

Their instructors hook you up to some device during
interview ("auditing"). Supposedly to check your response,
Kind of lie detector. Supposed to "Detect level of upset or trauma".
Hmm, hmm..
They call it "religious artifact".

They say that the goal of training is for a man to become
auditor for others. What kind of goal is that?

They say that infants is spiritually undeveloped. This
contradicts that infants are closer to the real Soul and
become farther away as they grow up.

"The Church regards the media as an important element of society which,
responsibly run and responsibly employed, can do a tremendous amount of
Huh ? "Responsibly run ?" By whom ?

BTW, it's amazing how much scandal Scientologists have created
(including a mess in their own leadership).
Also makes you think.

Listened to 4 pieces of Ron Hubbard speeches - nothing
useful so far.
Doesn't fit in with their claim of having "clear
"When you tell these little stories of yours, make sure
they have a point - it mnakes them so much more interesting!".
He keeps talking about society, and almost nothing about self-improvement.
Sounds like a politician.
Closet Rebel:
> humans are designed to be reactive, not proactive. i think this really
> gets in our way, we function best under stress, like leaving your studying
> to the last night....
That's me alright.
I never thought about it that way.
Maybe I DO procrastinate so that time finally comes when I am in trouble and
I have to use all resources to solve problem.  This seems to imply that for
me it is ok that the challenge multiplied tenfold, as long as I myself am in
a powerful state to deal with it.
Wording for non-judging observation:
"human condition playing itself out".
Reading "Groundhog Day" fan pages...

"Groundhog Day Syndrome. Thinking that success is achieved
through. memorizing someone else's behavior and learning the
rules of someone else's game..."

"The `getting it right' is simply making the best out of the
present. And as Phil lives a life-time of Groundhog Days until he
finally does get it right."

"He does savor a moment irrespective of its
place in time when he says "I'm happy now," and that may have
been what was most significant."
"When you point a finger at me, four remaining fingers point
back at you".