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Tuesday 11/05/96
Unconditional love is akin to unconditional peace - does not
depend on actions of others.
Method of Enthropy:
When I get out of a rut and begin to feel that I can solve
current problem, Enthropy immediately reminds me that I have
a mountain of other tasks.
Being obsessed with a size of this mountain was the reason
I was stuck in the first place, because it seemed overwhelming
and I didn't know which to pick.
Giving helps to makes sure, that I will be in a right state
to ask for help, when I need some.
Evil word, once heard, continues to ring in ears.
Sharing/giving becomes malignant when it stops being a
source of pleasure and becomes a goal in itself.

Wednesday 11/06/96
One more reason to say "I do" instead of "People do" - the
listener won't have an urge to interrupt and argue.
Inner voice (aside from helping with decision making) is
pretty good at guessing my true intent.
Playfulness grows during pleasant anticipation.

Thursday 11/07/96
Resourceful state:
1) Feeling like chatting with people, laughing, sharing.

2) Easy to guess what subjects others may be interested in.

3) Negative associations seem to disappear - everybody seems
dear to me.

4) Easy to choose what to do and possibility of incorrect
choice doesn't frighten (maybe because the task I pick is
not meant to improve my mood).
v plagiate.