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Thursday 11/14/96
Fonzi in "Happy Days" was insecure too - there was an
episode where he learned to like classical music, tried to
play it the diner, people didn't care for it and he was very
Example of Fear of Failure - a cute girl is sitting in the
visitor's room at work, I think it would be nice to get
acquianted, but my main thoughts are: "What if it doesn't
work?", "How will my opinion of myself suffer?"
This confirms that basing self-esteem on success is risky.

Monday 11/18/96
Realization - just like all people, I also do the best I
can with the resources I have.
Beeing sleepy helps to be calm.

Tuesday 11/19/96
Fast typing, without looking at the keyboard - reminds me of
how I am able to play the piano in my dreams.
When in my actions I declare disbelief in lack, I notice abundance.

From viewpoint of lack, when people buy too much, their demands
are unreasonable, so limits should be set.
From standpoint of abundance, supply will be increased.
Lack intersects with fear - "If I take too much, what's
gonna happen to me?"
2 levels of evil.
1st level - other person says something hurtful to me, but
he's actually fighting his inner demons. I really have
nothing to do with it, so if I can feel that, I can stay ok.

2nd level - other person is actually trying to hurt me and
the Dark Side is helping him (whenever aggressive, the
energy flows very actively, helps to come up with the most
hurtful things to say). As for my actions... I could also
call on the Dark and annihiliate the opponent... what's the
Pretense - swearing eternal love when getting
married vows, and later suffering from the outdated vow and
Watch out for strong phrases like "I don't give a damn
about...!!!" - they usually mean that the opposite is true.
"I dont let words dictate my actions,
and I would never let someone else have the power to make me angry (and
therefore be able to incite me) over a stupid word."