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Wednesday 07/17/96
Conflict - desire to help and jumping from one task
to another.
Entropy also uses my yearn for independence - whenever
good idea happens to coincide with what someone else told
me, it whispers "Don't submit to others! Go your own way!".
Of course, by my own way it means ITS way.
When I calm inside, I have no need to rush others.
But when I am worked up, I am trying to get them
up to speed too.
Does this means that what I am looking for is
synhronization with others?
Observation - feeling of frustartion shows up
when I am fixing something, but instead it breaks down
even worse.
It's easier for me when I know that solving (or ignoring)
a problem does not affect my self-worth.
Real thinking about others comes when you are secure in
It may not be easy, but remember - I never regret when
I do something as it should be done. Because it's something
I can fight for.
That's also an example of 'good decision brings multiple
rewards' - as a result I like myself more.
Conflict - telling the truth and 'us against them'.
Here's an answer - the Truth that's worth defending,
is my inner truth, my real Self.
If it tells me: "Like to the strong, defend the weak",
then I'll lie. So there!
Analogy? Tom Sawyer and the spilled ink.
"This Lie deserves to stand next to Washington's Truth
about an apple tree".
My websites - when people used to send me the
criticism, I was grouchy.
Now they stopped - and I am finding things that
were broken forever, but nobody told me.
Therefore, I should be glad for criticism, since
it's an excellent help.