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Thursday 07/18/96
Observation - it annoys me when other person complicates
situation, which is complex already.
Watch out for manifestations of True Self.	They are
omnipresent in any state and they may show way out.
Dig this - it's NOT IMPORTANT whether problem is already
solved or not. It IS IMPORTANT, whether I am in a
resourceful state. And this depends fully on me.

Friday 07/19/96
State of positive expectation
1) Something cool is ahead.
2) New possibilites are opening.
3) We'll take over the world!

Monday 07/22/96
Reading "Closet Rebel's Guide to Personal Freedom" - all
keywords are there - true self, personal freedom, oneness...
i 'autopilot' too!
And inner child.

Reading it, experienced the feeling of jouy (energy) - like
from a great song or touching story.
Some quotes from "Closet Rebel":
"Nothing external can throw  you off track; only  self doubt
can do you harm."

 Everything else, and everybody else, comes along

"No good thought is ever wasted, no action goes unrecorded..."

"By holding onto negative and fearful belief systems, we
leave no room for joy, like filling up all your computer
memory with swear words or stuffing all your kitchen
cupboards with mouldy bread..."

"All roads lead to Heaven, anyway, so pick the
one that feels right. Trust yourself."

"Some are plumbers and some are rocket scientists and some
are dog catchers, but everyone is equally important, because
the one who is the bum this time was probably the head
honcho the last time.'

Idea that reincarantion is a choice:
"You see, everyone signs onto this crew, so whether or not
we are aware of it, if we are living here in this time, WE
HAVE CHOSEN IT.  We may not remember volunteering, but we
must have or we would not be here."

"The laughing and crying part is to exercise our magnificent
human emotions, in all their many colours, for to feel is
the most glorious part of being human, and the more we feel
the stronger we get."

"Guides are OUR support crew -the part of the team that you
don't see, whose job it is to help us play our part in the
Earth movie."

"I don't know how it happens, but just trust that your
wonderful self has this ability too.  Remember the 95 % of
our brain that we don't use?  Well, hey....."

"Wherever your body hurts or is tense or is injured will be
where emotions have been stockpiled -gently search them out
and release them, for in the process of learning to free
yourself, that wonderful body is your best friend."  -

"Open your  eyes, your  inner eyes,  and see  the beauty
and precision of  the world  you live  in, the	world you create
with your mental images.  We are never far away; you are not
alone, just relax  and let the	details flow to  you- as the
little bits of bark arrive in the daily tide, from somewhere
over there, trust that	the resources, human and  practical,
that you need will be brought to you without your  conscious
I accept responsility for all the others, probably vecause I
thing: "Well, once every feels good, I'll get better too".
It's hopeless! First, it's not possible that *everybody*
could ever be happy. Second, when somebody does feel better,
my relief is short-lived.