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Tuesday 07/23/96
I noticed anxiety in myself, when there's no new materials
to post on my website.
Today woke up from a cool lucid dream and caught myself
regretting that it's had adult content, so I cannot post it

Here's good approach for adding stuff to website - when I
have something to share, but nobody to tell it to, then
put it on a webpage.
Observation: I am annoyed when things act up unexpectedly.
Result: no air to breathe, no desire to talk to anybody.
Also worry that somebody's watching over my shoulder as I
work, and feeling that I have to explain myself to
Also impatience.
And being unhappy with myself and fear. Full package.

Wednesday 07/24/96
New, positive definition for users who call me for support
and don't know what they are doing:
1) It can be funny.
2) Gives me a chance to practice my 'explanation skills'.
Methods of Entropy:
When my True Self is expressing, enhtropy gives me an
expectation of a specific (positive) reaction from others.
Then, I feel down when reaction is different.
I wonder, can the laughtrack in American TV shows be
explained as an attempt to get approval from outside?
When I plagiarize a funny expression from a book/movie, I
feel it's a good thing - keeping the joke alive.