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Wednesday 09/18/96
"... take an event that stands out on your path in life, step back, and try
to describe it using a metaphor from nature."
What would if I do if I got rich?
1) Would take psychoology classes in college (change of
career would no longer matter, if money is no object).
2) Would pay off my parent's house (whoa, a impulse)
3) Would visit expensive seminars, like the ones Anthony
Robbins runs.
4) Would buy tons of books and cassetes on psychology.
5) Would get a fast internet access.
6) Would open a moped/goped/scooter dealership.

Tuesday 09/24/96
Idea - when I have a desire that does not serve my best
interest, acknowledge it, but do not act on it.
There is always something to do, because when I feel like
doing nothing for a long time, tons of things pile up,
including some interesting and useful ones.
When I return to them, time flies, mental free association
starts working and other interesting tasks arise.

Wednesday 09/25/96
In a dictatorship, a lot of people help one to hide his low

Thursday 09/26/96
When something unpleasant (like dentist appointment) is
scheduled, I can find pleasure in the fact that the date is
still long time away. And once it's done, while the
impressions are fresh - enjoy the fact that it's over with.
Positive use of past and future for the purpose of improving
the mood.
This reminds me of my college days, when I would regularly
feel joy, because the finals were long time away.
They way of the Dark Side - pinpoint somebody who's creating your problems,
call him evil, master enough anger and strike! Ultimately, destroy.
Then, wonder, why I feel so bad and why the problem is still here.

Friday 09/27/96
When I feel that my work has lost it's meaning and purpose,
I don't want to admit it, so I create a false pressure,
pretend importance, nervousness, rush and overload.
All these side effects are not as unpleasant as a thought
that I am wasting my golden years in a wrong place.
Kings leave, mountains crumble, civilizations die and get
reborn, but Love is eternal. Love is what keeps the world
going and without it, the world would be not worth creating.
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity".