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Lucid Dreams - 12 December 1996

Lucid Dreams - 12 December 1996

I awoke. Everything around me was familiar and ordinary. To the smallest details it was as it always is. And yet, something told me to check my watch. So I did and viola - the arrow moved forward and back again.

I thought - this room was so close to the one where I live, why not try to leave myself a sign ? So, I took a sheet of paper and wrote upon it in big letters: "LUCID". Then I found Polaroid camera, took a picture of myself and left it on the table.

Then I awoke and rushed towards the table - the sheet was there, but writing looked slightly different. I ran to share the news with my brother, he started persuading me that this can't be. And he almost convinced me.

And then I awoke for real. Neither sheet, nor photo was anywhere in sight.