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Lucid Dreams - 12 July 1996

Lucid Dreams - 12 July 1996

I am experimenting - trying to find out, what effect music has on the dream. Three nights in a row reggae music quietly played all night long - and dreams were all funny and interesting - they were pleasure to watch and to recall later.

This night I thought I'd try something new, so I put a disk of Enya for repeat play. As a result, I saw a very long and adventurous dream and totally overslept - I didn't wake up until 1PM.

Next night:
I woke up. Together with me in the apartment were my friends. We decided first thing in the morning to watch VCR, I turned it on and was amazed to find out that it shows the dream I just woke up from. I called the others and rewound tape to the beginning, expecting a gala show.

At this moment videocassete turned into reel and VCR itself - into old tapecorder "Nida", but I didn't pay attention to this. Suddenly reel disappeared. First I was a bit peeved, but then realized - dissapearing acts like this usually do not happen in waking life. It was time for a check. I looked at my hand and noticed that I have 6 fingers. Thinking, that my eyes are deceived, I passed palm of other hand between two middle fingers - Oll Korrect, 6th one was extra.

"Sleeping after all" - explained I to myself and started thinking, what to do, I remembered that one guy, during Out of Body Experience, made a call on the astral phone, so I decided to try, maybe I could do the same. I dialed either 1 or 01 and some dude picked up. I asked "How to learn teleportation ? I want to transport to Daugava stadium, in the 60s, when Daugava (Riga) soccer team made it into big leagues". Professor on the other end of the line grouched that there is nothing to explain, teleportation is described in every book. Then he warned me that idiotic french religion is coming back (no idea, what he meant by that) and that witches will be hunted again. And that was the end of our political dialogue.

I went to the window and almost jumped out, but then I had the urge to test again - jumping out the window does not work as well when you are awake. Checked - still 6 fingers and the minute hand on the clocktower is jumping back and forth. So, I starred myself and jumped. Feeling of flight - slightly forgotten, but still the best thing I've ever experienced. I flew down my street towards the park. On the way I picked a girlfriend for myself. In the middle of the park was restaurant and by it - water attraction - you can jump down from the height into the city channel. I ignored the forbidding signs and started up the wiggly stairs. Then the guard showed up, yelling that attraction is about to be dismounted, so I must leave premise for good. I waved to him in a friendly way and went further up. Then he began throwing assorted junk at me. I didn't stay in debt, and threw back at him several steps (and turned out I did it more precisely than he did).

At this point I have a lapse in recall. Next thing I remember is standing on the street and planning for the next act of terror. Looked up - why not rise and check out, what is inside the cloud. So, I did as I said and soon was right next to the cloud. At close inspection, cloud turned out to be a huge house. I entered thru the window. There, in the corner of gymnastic hall was sitting a boss-like creature with glasses and two black genies by his side. As soon as he saw me, he commanded "Take him!" and genies charged toward me. I didn't lose any time, soon reached 1st cosmic speed, opened the door to the stairwell... and woke up.