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Lucid Dreams - 19 September 1996

Lucid Dreams - 19 September 1996

I was at home. I don't remember, what made me check, maybe I just accidentally waved my hand in front of my nose. Anyway, I noticed that I again have 6 fingers. I rejoiced and went to the yard. My Mom was there. I decided to show off that I can fly, but checked my hand again just in case - the surroundings were so real. Ok, I am sleep. So, I jumped up, and levitated.

Than I met Yuri and Ann and for some reason I had a notion that it was a good time for a lecture. So, I began demonstrating, how to count fingers, but they didn't seem terribly interested. I started over and asked Ann: "How many fingers are you supposed to have ?". She said: "7... I think". I screamed, pulled out hair out of my beard and quit teaching.

Interestingly, in this dream I believed that time on the clocks was real. I go to work at 1PM. When I dreamt that it was 12:30, I became alert - time to get up soon. And when I saw that it was 3PM, I was terrified that I am totally late for work and I instantly woke up. And saw that it was only 8AM.