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Lucid Dreams - 1 April 1996

Lucid Dreams - 1 April 1996

April 1st. I guess I am supposed to lie today, but I'll tell things as they were. My grandma and my aunt are visiting us, besides my brother came back home after living separately for a while. As a result, we shuffled the room assignments and me and Yuri wound up in the basement. At 5 in the morning alarm clock started making drunk noises. For some time I heroically waited till it stops, but then awoke enough to realize that clock is electrical, so it will ring forever. I took out my scorcher, fired at Yuri and he turned off the nasty mechanism. Right after that I fell asleep.

I am standing in the middle of the field, there is clear cyan sky over me. At the same time I still remember that a minute ago I laid on the mattress. I look at my watch - bingo, arrows are going marry-go-round, so I am sleeping! I began to fly. I experience feeling of happiness, uncomparable with anything else. Feels a bit like riding giant swings in amusement park, when I was kid, but in this case the feeling is a lot stronger.