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Lucid Dreams - March 1996

Lucid Dreams - March 1996

Here is my very 1st lucid dream - I go thru some bureacrautic building, throw documents on the floor and lock the doors here and there. Somebody is chasing me. I leave the building and find myself in the yard. I look at the wall and think "Can I climb it ?". Then another thought comes across - "Why climb, maybe I should just fly up". As soon as I thought that, I realized that I am dreaming and law of gravity is no longer in effect. I flew straight up into the blueness of the sky, saw the dry red roofs under me... and then alarm clock woke me up.

Another case. I am walking down Strelnieku street (the street in Riga, where I lived first 20 years of my life). Everything looks normal, like in waking life. I don't see anything out of ordinary. I goto into the yard - still everything is in order. I go thru the yard, back to the street and to the yard again. Boom! - landcape has changed. Instead of houses there are mountains, between them is a small river, I see the bridge in the distance. "I am sleeping" - my keen insight suggested :) The flight over the water followed, though I couldn't go under water - it was only ankle deep.

I've read somewhere that in lucid dream we are in the entire alternative world, which can be explored. This is what I did in one of my dreams. I was flying over that world, under me was the railroad, on the sides - buildings, factories and the forest. One house caught my attention - I approached it and entered thru the window. There were two persons in the room. I decided to brag about my special skills and I told them that I can go thru the walls. They didn't believe me. So, I tried to demonstrate... and failed! (I interpret this episode like this: part of me that is always doubting took the form of other people in the dream and blocked me.)