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Lucid Dreams - 24 June 1996

Lucid Dreams - 24 June 1996

I was dead asleep. In my dream I was supposed to meet either a general or a janitor and the meeting was to take place in the deserted bus. I approached the door and checked whether bag with documents is with me. Turned out, it wasn't. I thought "It would be good to be home and get it", after which I immediately found myself in my room. I grabbed the bag and ran for the door. When I was in yard, I realized that I took the wrong one. I thought "If only I took the right one...", after which bag in my hands transformed into what I needed.

Interestingly, up to this point it was still a regular dream. Only a bit later I began grasping that teleportation and magic do not happen in real life as often as I'd like, so I decided to check whether I am asleep. I looked at my watch.. isn't this from the song ? Anyway, I looked at it and everything seemed fine. Remembering the virtue of patience, I kept looking. Finally, I noticed that there are two '2's between '1' and '3'. So, I am asleep after all.

I went back to my room and started experimenting. I open one drawer after another in search for something interesting. In one of them there were toy soldiers, and I had an idea to bring them to life. At this point Yuri appeared, with bottle of wine in his hand, so we started pouring wine on soldiers. First of all they turned into flowers. We kept pouring. Suddenly one of the flowers sneezed, spraying wine all over Yuri's white shirt. After that miracle of miracles happened - flower turned into a prince.

The prince turned out to be a grouchy type - he kept muttering that our rooms are poor and all furniture should be thrown away. At last I got real tired of him and was even glad, when I woke up.