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Lucid Dreams - 24 September 1996

Lucid Dreams - 24 September 1996

For the second time I entered lucid dream by means of imagination. I was kinda sick, so I couldn't fall asleep all the way. Anyway, I heard strange sounds. The closer I approached, the more clear it become - this was distinct sound of a couple, doing what they dont' write about in children's books. Not thinking long about it, I joined them (whoa, this is the first time I write about such thing in this journal. In truth, as I said before, hooliganism like this is present in every lucid dream, but I usually skip this part when writing).

Well, time went and police arrived. "Damn", I thought, "I am lost, especially if this is not a dream". Tried to raise into the air - it worked. "If so", I decided, "why should I run away - let them arrest me and I'll see what happens". So, they loaded me into police car and off we went. I sit there and think "Hey, they are gonna take away my car keys, how will I get home ?". I put hand in my pocket and keys made a sound. Cop looked at me and said: "Give them to me!". I took the keys out of my pocket and showed to him: "See, I got 4 keys here. I'll give you all 4, in exactly one minute". "kO", said he. I put keys into my right fist and then imagined that same keys appear in my left, empty fist. Bam! It happened! (This was first time when in my dream I succeded in cloning/materialization). So, I gave one set of keys to the driver and left other one to myself.

Then we arrived. Not to the police station, but to the "Institute of Unexplained Phenomena". Turned out, cops saw me fly and brought me here to talk to a specialist. They lead me into the room, an old lady sits there. I look around, interested - there are shelves all around, filled with folders. I ask: "What's that stuff ?". She says: "These are thousands of reports from people who can do unexplainable things. I am sure that there are many times more, but most people are either shy or hide their abilities".