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Lucid Dreams - 25 March 1996

Lucid Dreams - 25 March 1996

And finally, the latest (so far) and the coolest lucid. It was this morning, 25 March 1996. I was snoozing in the morning, trying to goback to sleep. I attempted to fantasize a scene and submerge into it - no luck. Then I imagined that I am in my own room, I am opening the door... and suddenly I found myself in My Lucid Home! To the smallest details it looked like my old apartment in Riga. I've read, that in the dreams clocks and writings behave differently than in real life - finally I had the chance to test that. There was a clock on the wall - I looked at it - everything seemed normal (moreover, I later realized that they showed the exact time of when I fell asleep). Then I looked closer and a second later realized that clock is acting up. The hour hand was standing still, while minute hand appeared randomly in the different places of the clock face.

I then approached the table - there were newspapers and books on it. Again, it all looked normal at the first sight, but I looked more carefully and I noticed that words keep changing (just like in Strugatskie's "Monday begins on Saturday").

In the desk drawer there was a calculator - I turned it on and entered 2x2= - the result turned out to be 7.

I went to the kitchen - there were my grandma, aunt and my friend Yuri. I told him: "This is lucid dream, you know". He looked at me, as if saying "Yes, and I am yellow submarine". I decided not to argue the point and went further.

Interesting detail - in lucid house all doors and walls looked normal and felt solid when I touched them. Still, I could go thru them, because I believed that I am not bound by the physical laws - again, as Strugatskie said "See the goal, believe in yourself and pay no attention to obstacles".