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Lucid Dreams - 25 May 1996

Lucid Dreams - 25 May 1996

I woke up in the morning and attempted to go lucid using my imagination. Since I didn't wake up all the way, images were real vivid - I imagined that I climb a high tree, swing on the branch, hanging first by my hands, then knees and finally only toes. This feeling is one of a kind - to realize that I can do something that would end up totally sad if attempted in real life.

I enjoyed this for a while and then woke up. My friend Yuri was snoring in the other end of the room, my CD player was playing, looks like am I not sleeping. Still, it won't hurt to check - I look at my watch - whoa - there is more digits than there should be and they are out of order. I decide to leave the room and then I get the idea that muzak is playing too loud, can wakeup my parents. I turn the volume down - nothing happens. I press Pause - no avail. Unplug player from the outlet - it keeps playing. Then I quit trying and left it as it was. At this time Yuri woke up and also began trying to turn CD off. I let him continue on this important task and left the room. Then I recalled about an old idea - to turn TV set in my dream and see, what is on.

Sometime at this point I realized that I am not in my American flat, but in old Soviet one. I went to the living room, but color TV wasn't there. Tnen I went to my grandparents room - it looked the old way, except on the bed there was a board game called "Spirits, ghosts and UFOs". I turned TV on and to my disappointment noticed that screen is empty. I went thru all 12 channels - only one of them had picture. It showed something like a women's chorus, where main singer was dressed only from the waist up. I admired the sight for a while and turned TV off.

Then my Mom showed up and said that she just came back from the store and car with products is waiting downstairs. Me, being a good boy, started unloading. Bags were hellishly heavy, I tried to use telekinesis, but nofreakingthing worked. Finally, I finished this exercise and went for a walk. A thought flashed - why am I walking in my dream. Tried to fly - didn't work. I reached the intersection, there was a stream of cars in front of me and I didn't want to wait. Then I jumped on the hood of the car and finally suceeded in taking off and flying. After that image began getting dimmer and I woke up for real.

BTW, I have to add that lucid dreams almost always have some adult content. I don't tell about it here, kinda like when adult book is rereleased for kids with everything indecent taken out.