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Lucid Dreams - 25 October 1996

Lucid Dreams - 25 October 1996

I was sleeping, and I was aware of that. I was sitting on the bench in front of the house. I was amazed by how real everything seemed - the ground was hard, the table was unsmooth (hmm, what word is opposite of "smooth" ?), I felt touch of wind. Everything was just like in real life, except me - I felt lightness in my body - it seemed that only desire to stand kept me on the ground, but I could lift into the air at any moment. So I did.

I saw a train far away and flew to meet it face to face. Reached a road, long line of cars was waiting there for railroad crossing to open. I landed on the last car and began jumping towards the rails, from one hood to another. Drivers grouched, but couldn't catch me.

I don't remember exactly what happened with the train, I think I've met it and tried to play the game of hijacking. It didn't work, though, because I had no weapons.

After that I was in my room, when suddenly I heard voice of my neighbor. For some reason I thought that he's really there and I hear him thru the dream. Then he entered the room and I saw that he was tiny, in white wig (just like the king in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland"). He climbed on the table and began a speech, which nobody listened to.

Also, in that dream, I tried talking to my subconsious, asked it some important question, but I felt so lazy to spent time thinking, that I skipped the answer and went flying again.

Later, I walk down the street and visit my friend Ada. She's not home and neither is her dad. I sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. On the screen, my favorite cartoon begins. Expecting a jolly good time, I make myself comfortable and then alarm clock starts ringing. The reality around me starts fading and soom I feel that I am laying in my bed. Damn.