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Lucid Dreams - 26 December 1996

Lucid Dreams - 26 December 1996

I was in a room with my friend Anna, some unknown girl and equally unknown man. What's curious, three of us knew that we were in a lucid dream. I asked Anna: "What's the difference ?". She said: "Simple. Those who realize that they are in a dream - they are in there independently. Those who think they are not sleeping - they are fruits of your imagination".

The guy seemed reluctant to believe what was happening, so I set out to prove it. I pointed my hand at him - a wind started blowing and his t-shirt began moving like a flag. I turned my hand around - it started pulling air, like a vacuum-cleaner. Then I telekinethically raised the poor guy into the air and gently put him back into arm-chair. Finally, I raised the chair itself up to the ceiling and turned it over. Then I found out that the guy was not in the zone of levitation after all - he dropped out of a chair and fell on the floor.