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Lucid Dreams - 28 June 1996

Lucid Dreams - 28 June 1996

Today I employed my old method - setting alarm clock to 6AM, waking up, pressing 'Snooze' and going back to sleep. So, there I was, laying on back, looking at the ceiling. Turned to one side. A bit later I see - what the hell - I am still on my back. "Ah", i thought, "probably I turned in my dream". So I decided to be alert.

First of all, I looked at my watch - all roman letters were in the right places, nothing messed up... I looked and looked and calmed down - guess I am awake. Then my friend from the choir shows up, so I had to get up and chat with him. All the way I was mad that I can't lay back down and go lucid.

When I finally woke up for real, I realized that I was fooled twice - digits on my real watch are arabic, not roman. And nobody really came to visit me that morning.