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Lucid Dreams - 3 April 1996

Lucid Dreams - 3 April 1996

I am either in university, or in hotel in company of programmers of both genders. One of them suggests to show a new BBS. We go to the other room - huge warehouse, few computers, but mostly shelves with new "Star Wars" books. The sysop connects to the BBS, I look at the display. He explains that BBS is located in Moscow, but international call is cheap because it's night time. On the screen, instead of expected logo, I see 3D virtual reality world, at the same time I hear way cool music in stereo. I am beginning to get the feeling that everything is a bit too impressive. I went to a corner of the room to do self-test. I looked at the watch - I was right, minute hand is jumping back and forth and some numbers on the clock face keep changing. At this point I took iniative into my own hands and led one of the girls into another room.

Almost instantly a sysop entered thru the balcony. Thinking, for a good reason, that in the lucid dream I am the master, I sent him mental command to go to the galaxy far, far away. Instead, he said:
- I am not from your dream.
- Where are you from then ?
- I am in the real world. You are in lucid dream, most things around you are
real, but there are some that you imagined. I can't see those.

At this point he got tired of explaining and left, telling as he went, that I can read about it in the newsgroups and mentioning devil. By that point my head was spinning so much, that I thought "Oh yes, os2.devil.advocacy!".

I also wanted to ask him, what happens if I imagine a bridge going out of the window and I walk on that bridge - would he be able to follow me ? But he was already gone. I'll ask him if we bump into each other in the future. Or in the past.

Anyway, I see 2 variants: either he was right and there is a shared Lucid Reality, which you can enter thru some other entrance (which sounds pretty exciting); or he was a creature of my personal shadow side which wanted to spoil my fun.