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Lucid Dreams - 3 August 1996

Lucid Dreams - 3 August 1996

They took over the corn field behind our house and are building new houses (this is in reality). Once a suspicious noise woke me up. I went outside and noticed that they have already demolished houses to the right and left and ours will be next. My parents were there with me, we were all in panic, so we ran back to the house to phone a construction company and to make a fuss. Then I thought: "What if..." and looked at my watch. Watch hand is dancing rumba. Yeah!

So, I exit the house and rise into the air. Flying past the lighpost, I hit it with the fist - glass is shattered and I feel nothing. Nice going! I fly towards the river and as I approach, I see policeman and militia. I understand that these are "Hunters for Homeless". I descend to the ground, pick some stick and start crossing the river walking on the stones in the water. Enforcers notice me and a chase begins. When they almost caught me, I make couple of steps to the side and stand on the water. They try to reach me, while I stand there, lost in thought, and I play a sad melody with the stick on their heads.

After that I either awoke or lost lucidity.