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Lucid Dreams - 5 May 1996

Lucid Dreams - 5 May 1996

I am sitting at work. My boss is standing behind me, looking at my display. Suddenly the screen goes black. At the same the light in the room disappears. Unclear, what happened. Time crawls, I am beginning to feel alarmed. The only source of light in the room is little LED on the power backup.

Then a thought flashes by: "What if this is a dream ?". I move my hand towards the tiny source of light. First thing I see - the clock face is upside down. Then I notice that digits change and spin. "Lucid dream!" - I rejoiced and immediately woke up in my bed. I thought - "No big deal, I'll goback to sleep". I laid there, for a while, turning from one side to another - nothing. "Dammit, how long will this take ?" - I thought and looked at my watch. Wow! The arrow keep dancing - this was false awakening! I got up and went exploring.

I entered by brother's room. It looks so regular that I am beginning to doubt again - "Maybe this is reality after all ? I'll do something crazy now and will have to answer later". So, I decided to check again. Sport posters are hanging on the wall - I looked at one. Word on the poster: "Soccer". Suddenly it changed into "Socker"-"Solo"-"Seal"-"Meal". I am dreaming!

Planning to go out, try to go thru the door - cannot. I managed to go thru the window glass. I wonder if this is because you can see the goal thru the glass. If you think about it, in my dream I create entire reality, so in order to get thru, I have to create the world on the other side. In the case of glass, I have already created it - all I need is change my perspective. It is different with the door - I DO NOT know, what's out there. Interesting, would it help if I look in the keyhole before trying to go thru the door :)

I am on the street, enter neighbor's house. There is a boring looking character sitting there. For some reason I got the urge to read a lecture, so I began explaining to him "I am in a lucid dream and stuff". He says: "Prove it, McFly!". I proved it, though not easily (probably doubts got in my way again) - laid on the floor and then slowly levitated. Then his entire family shows up, so I started to explain to them, what the deal is, but soon quit - there were more fun things to do.

BTW, I have a new thought, why clocks behave like they do in a dream. Old version said that imagination cannot create objects that stay constant or change according to a strict rule. New idea - maybe there is no time at all in the dreams, so clock cannot possibly work. Or yet another possibility - there is time, but it is different and that crazy clock face shows time, as it really is.

I flew into the city. Soon I encountered a fantastic stream of water that ran from the hill down the street, like a waterfall. I thought, it wouldn't be bad to ride the water, so I flew upstream. I never rode a waterfall before - this is amazing. Kinda like a rollercoaster, but the one I made for myself.