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Lucid Dreams - 7 November 1996

Lucid Dreams - 7 November 1996

Today the myth that having enough sleep is impossible, have been dissolved. I went to bed at 8pm, woke up at 7am and didn't feel sleepy whatsoever. But could I do this every time ? Nah.

Again, I had a lucid dream. Mostly flying. Tried different methods of flight - sitting down, then attempted to fly Superman-style, but for some reason lost balance and turned upside down. Finally decided to fly the old fashioned way.

Without adventures I reached some house and entered. There was a party going on. The youngsters were of school age and very shy - guys by themselves and gals separately too. I sat next to some girl and started conversation. Noticed that she looks at me strangely and answers incoherently. I asked: "Can you hear me ?". She said: "Yes". "And do you see me ?". "I see rainbow".

Next episode of my dream - I go into shop, looking for flowers - don't remember, why I wanted them. I look - there is liquor section. There is one bottle, as tall as me. Then my attention is drawn by TV set, where the videoclip about crooks is playing. Bandits stole a lot, were almost caught, but managed to escape. After that I found myself inside the videoclip and I was myself part of the gang. In the end of the song our plane lifts off the ground and we look in a friendly way down at the policemen and wave at them.

There we are, waving, sticking tongues out, while the plane is flying. It turns out, that it is not a jet at all, but an old rusty clunker. I ask the pilot, what is it and he said that during the war, major Sandwichson-Parrot flew that plane, and that it will go to junk yard soon.

Pilot inquires, what are all these little papers we have. Instead of answering, I ask him, why doesn't he fly straight, but in circles, like a fly. He blushed and said that he always wanted to be a fly, so that he could fly the way he wanted.