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Lucid Dreams - 1997

Lucid Dreams - 1997

Thursday 01/09/97
New Lucid. I think, this time I haven't had enough time to forget that I was just laying in bed, so that when I saw that landscape around me has changed, I grasped that I was asleep. Flew straight up - joy! Looked down and noticed a little boy standing there and wistfully looking at my flight. I landed and tried to show him how easy flying is, but he couldn't make it. "Not to worry!" - I gicked, took his hand and we flew up. A walk on the roofs, Karlson-style, followed.

Sometime later I found myself on the roof of some way too official building. I looked down thru the glass roof - down there, bureacrautismus was going full scale. I hit the roof with a fist (I have to mention that at this point proportions have changed, so the house was like a toy) and heard how the windows rang and the sirens started. I assumed my regular size and flew back to the ground. Past me were running coppers and souljers. I passed thru them and went travelling further.

Then I've risen into the air again, entered some apartment building thru the window and (with an effort) got thru the door into apartment. On the bed a cute girl was laying... *use your imagination* After she left, I was surprised to find out that on the bed, next to the pillow were several photos of me.

I left the flat and I noticed Yury who was pacing around the building with unknown, but suspicious intentions. "What are you up to ?" - said I. "Hungry" - he replied. "Alright, there is a small restaraunt next door, $15 - all you can eat". We entered the restaraunt and saw a stupendous line. I cut the line, right before the cash register, giving the woman behind me a mass of reasons why this is the way it should be.

"30 dollars" - the cashier said. I put my hand in my pocket and realized that all I have is 2 quarters. I gave her my credit card, she didn't take it: "Expired". Gave her another, no luck: "Wrong number". Then I extended my empty hand towards her and exclaimed: "20 rubles!". "That's different" - said she and let us in.

BTW, I've just had an idea that music playing all night can affect the brainwaves, thus causing a certain kind of dreams. For example, reggae causes dreams so interesting, it is a pleasure to recall them.
Eurodisco, on the other hand, while it is my favorite type of music when I'm awake, transforms into mediocre dream at night.

Possibly, it has something to do with the fact that most reggae songs have similar rhytm, while in eurodisco it varies widely.

Sometimes I am acting in my dreams, while other times I am simply an observer. Hypothesis: when I'm not in my own dream, it could be because somebody else is dreaming about me in this very moment. Though, if so, the ability to see the same dream together becomes less probable. It doesn't negate possibility of double dreams altogether - nobody said that they have to occur simultaneously.

Monday 03/31/97
Woke up in the middle on the night - feel lightness in my body, as if raising into the air was easy - nothing to it. Tried and after couple of times succeeded - floated in the air, like in water. Looked at my hand - there was 7 fingers instead of 5, 2 new ones are small, like they just recently grew. So, I am asleep.

I hear somebody else walking in the house, probably Mom. I went back to bed and pretended that I am asleep (in my dream!) - for some reason I thought that relatives shouldn't see me. Maybe I wasn't totally aware of unreality of surroundings - the room seemed very similar to mine.

When everything quieted down, I swam to the window and tried to go thru the glass - no avail. Opened the window and tried to pass thru mosquito net - no luck again. Then I took the net off and finally flew to the street.

My thoughts instantly turned to the adult entertainment and I floated towards neighbor's house. Peeked inside - there was old man and old lady - nah. I approached another house - there was family eating at the table. I got inside (I think I temporarily became invisible, not sure). Looked at owner's daughter and mentally said "I have to the bathroom". She said: "I have to go to the bathroom".

Next episode is skipped (I can't stand it when other authors do that). Maybe someday it will be time to publish the cut scenes, under the name, say, "Lucid Sex".

Tuesday 04/01/97
What a date - seems like I should lie. But what the heck - i'll tell it like it is. Alarm clock is ringing, I wake up and reach to turn it off - failure. Wake up again, press the button - can't do it. Once more I awake and think: "There has to be a way to tell false awakening from real one. For example, I feel air flow this time - so I am really up". With this thoughts I reached for the alarm-clock only to find out I still can't turn it off.

Then I thought "To heck with it, at least I know that I am asleep. Let it ring". With that buddhist conception I exited to the street. Everything looked normal, so I figured, I'd better act like everybody else. However, then I decided that there is nothing special about flying and soared straight up. I still felt like I was on familiar street, but now I see that I wasn't - in waking life houses in there are all one story, but these were like the ones in the urban part of town. I flew over the roofs, like Karlson, enjoying the height. Then I came up with a plan to go visit Sverdlov's.

At this point dream partially lost its lucidity - I remember being in a office building, wanting to go thru and find myself back on the street, but to do that I have to wait in lines and argue with clerks. Then there was memory lapse (I will include picture of lapse as soon as I learn to make GIFs from dreams).

Later, I drove car home. I knew that I am asleep at the wheel and was wary - what if in reality the road is not the same, as I dream it, what if I crash to hell ? By this time my brains were turned the wrong way, so I wasn't surprised when car become bicycle and expressway turned into park alley. On both sides of the alley were ponds and I was slightly afraid of falling into one... just had an idea - underwater swimming could be a blast in lucid dream - maybe I should try that!

As long as road went downhill, everything was tip-top. Then it was time to go up - I imagined that bike can do it - and what do you know - it did. (Must have thought of my Bike Machine).

Again change of scenery, I am in room and somebody is explaining me the workings of a scientific gadget: "It can prevent past events. For example, one dude killed another. This machine will find out the hidden reasons - before argument there was anger and before anger something else - and will eliminate the first emotion, from which all the bazaar started".

This morning I thought - seems like in lucid dreams there is total control over other people. Yet, it is in fact the best kind of self-control - when I am asleep, I am a friend of my own imagination. If I could reach that level in waking life - wow!

When imagination is enslaved by my inner Judge it generates guilt, worry, fear and all kinds of junk. But when I liberate imagination - hard even to picture the horizons that will be open to me.

Monday 04/07/97
I enter the shop and order some widgets. Prepare to pay, when suddenly salesman says "Have you checked, what if this is a dream ?" (Just remembered "Total Recall" - what would change if he knew of reliable way to tell dream from reality ?). I look at my hand - seems normal. I stare at it few more secs and then notice that one of fingers is no longer there. I cancel the purchase and look around - since I am asleep, I've got better things to do. Namely, 'sex, sex, over the phone'.

A woman stands by the window. I approach and look her over. Nah. Exit to the street - there is a pretty girl out there. "Better" - I say to myself, go to her... then she sits me on her shoulders, like I was a toddler and she runs. Stars fly over us, wind blows in my face - not quite what I expected, but still cool. Some noise begins. It gets stronger. We stop and look at the sky - little plane appears there, making terrible racket. Then I wake up and realize - this was alarm clock.

Wednesday 04/16/97
I wake up. Wander around the room and feel - something is wrong. Look at my hand - little and ring fingers are merged together. I move them apart, feel that they are now separate, but the picture stays the same. So, asleep.

I go to the corridor (my old flat, in Riga), plan to go out, but decide that it's chilly out there. Lazy to look for clothes. Instead of that I write on the closet: "Socks". Wham - socks are on my feet. Write: "Pants" - and second later I am in decent form. Finished dressed like that, started thinking, where to go. Remembered what I was told about hospital - that many treatments take place without clothes on. "Why don't I go there and peep, like Tom always does" - a brave thought appeared.

I walk to (or fly to) the hospital. Inside, behind the registration desk, little old woman sits. "Where are the clothless treatments ?" - I ask. She gives me unclear directions. "I'll find the place myself" - decide I. For some reason I think that all the neat stuff has to be on the top floor. I go up, but instead of using stairs, I fly up inside the elevator shaft.

On the top floor, there is Yuri and Kathy. Their conversation is so work-oriented that I get all work-like myself and lose lucidity. I remember Kathy bragging about her achievements in CGI programming, saying the she wrote hundred programs already. I thought "So, what. Hacking in REXX, even 1000 programs is a piece of cake".

Thursday 04/17/97
I ride my moped to work. Evrything is ordinary and normal. There is Mo-ped Street, riding along it, I am annoyed: "How do you like that: they named the street like that, but don't sell any mopeds". Though, in the middle of street I see auction space - maybe they sometimes have steel horses there.

I turn to a big street. On the other side I see something like a motorcycle tied up to the lightpole. I cross the road to take a look. Surprised, I find out that there stands Sachs - moped exactly like the one I am riding. Feeling that something fishy is going on, I check lucidity and am right - it's a dream!

After deciding, that if so, I don't have to go to work after all, I look around with amorous intentions. See a girl. I approach and momentarily strike up a close encounter of the 3rd kind. I point at the top floor of the high building: "Wanna fly up there ?". She agrees. We lift off the ground, the window scurrilously gets closer, we go thru the glass and find ourselves in a hotel room. Seems like somebody was here not long ago, but the room is empty now.

*Censor storms in and deletes significant part of dream*

I left the room for a while. Return and see: she already got dressed. "No way" - think I and again take off considerable amount of her clothes (now that I think about it - did I put any clothes on myself when leaving the room ? :). We get back to what we were doing and then unrelated sounds enters the dream. I try to ignore it, but no - it buzzes more and more persistently. Alarm- clock. I think: "What if I can turn it off and then get right back to the hotel ?". Then I tried that and failed.

Friday 05/30/97
Voices wake me up. I goto the kitchen and see my father and few other relatives. Immediately I am attacked: "Why didn't you pick us at the airport ?". "What the hey ?" - I answer - "it's not due till 10PM!". "No, you got it wrong - plane arrived this morning!". Cazed and donfused, I look at my hand and see that it has 6 fingers. "It's a dream" - I exclaim, relieved. "What are you talking about ?!" - they sternly reply.

I avoid continuation of discussion and go out to the street. Ready, set, launch! I feel at ease, while flying, even try to fly laying on my back. Though, I am wary of hitting a tree, since I can't see what's ahead when I fly that way. So, to avoid such unpleasantness, I rise higher. Way up, above the trees, there is tall building. I fly higher than the building, so fast it takes my breath away. At this point, my altruism has evaporated and I enter the building, in search of Leisure Suit Larry-like adventures...

Nothing G-rated happened for the rest of the dream.

I sit at work, trying out a new level for Quake. Pretty, but way too loud. I try to exit, program says something along the lines of "Quit #1 (Y/N) ?". I say "yes", it asks "Quit #2 (Y/N) ?". I hear steps of my boss, while the program keeps asking "#3", "#4". I put the game in the background, but joyful sounds keep coming out of the speakers. I start pulling cables out of the soundcard - one by one, but the music stays. Then I think: "This is too much! Maybe a dream ?" So, I look at my hands - whoa, I only have 3 fingers! But as soon as I decided to enjoy the results of my discovery, the alarm brought me back to waking life.

Political commentary: I change alarm setting several times in the morning. There are 2 hidden advantages to this:

  1. Everytime, waking up, I see that I can go on sleeping. Plesant feeling, nothing like the the doom I feel when I realize that I have to getup after all.
  2. I see much more dreams this way, lucid ones included.

I walk home. Sun is frying me, I stop in the shadow and and suddenly find out that I am asleep (this time the number of fingers was right, but theit image moved, though I kept them still). I remembered that I planned to ride moped in a dream and decided it's about time.

I looked around and planned the route home. Finally, I got there and found moped in the garage (when I woke up, I realized that neither neighborhood, nor the house looked like themselves. I am beginning to think that if in a lucid dream I am sure that I'll find something in certain place, then I do find it). So, I started the engine and raced like wind... or to be more precise, like snail. There was no talk about speed - as if motor was at 50% efficiency. I met few kids on bicycles and showed them that moped can fly as well. Not bad, but I still wanted to go faster. So, I covered speedometer with my hand and when I removed it, the top speed was shown not as 30, but as 60. I started the bike, but nothing changed - it still went slow.

I thought: "Probably, there is a motorcycle in the next yard, I'll borrow it and we'll see". True - there was a BMW monster standing there. I start it (interestingly, I went to motorcycle riding course once and although haven't ridden since, my steps in a dream were correct). So, I'm on the way. Noticeably faster. As soon as I begin to enjoy the ride, Yuri gets even with me and then passes me - and he's riding that same moped that I left in the yard!

Embarassed by the fact, I decided to switch from racing to acrobatics - I rode up a verical wall and then drove over the rooftops of a freight train.

Suddenly motorcycle dissappeared and I found myself in a restaurant. Episode like in french comedy "Kings of Joke" happened - where waiter accidentally spilled something on a dress of important-looking lady and then brought tray with cleaning fluids and started to clean her dress. Though, in my dream, while cleaning, I stepped over most commendments, having to do with "other's man wife".

Friday 06/20/97
I am trying to pass a test in Naval Sciences and keep flunking time after time. Finally, I get sick of it and make a check - fingers seem ok, though they are blurry, like in the water. So I take a piece of newspaper and concentrate on one word. In a few seconds it starts changing. Bingo!

I fly out the window... couldn't go thru the glass, rather broke it to kingdom calm. Across the street - female dorm, I thought I'd try myself on spectator's role. I approach first window and viola - undressing is in process! Damning the dust on the window, I enjoy the view. Finally, when the show is over, the girl opens the window and spots me. Turns out, I am not invisible. I feel slightly shy, while other dorm inhabitants started peeking out of the windows and asking, who is she talking to. I clarify: "With somebody Unidentified and Flying. But not an Object".

After that the sky called me and I soared straight up. Thru the clouds, higher, higher ("Shut up, Beavis!"). Meanwhile, the surroundings got darker and only a small counter flashed, showing how far I have travelled. Nobody knows how much later, I arrived somewhere. That was on office of doctor Tonga, who seemed to be a shaman-sexopathologist. He danced and chanted, while a man laying on the couch was telling to the Doc the problems he's having with his wife. Doctor also had a lady assistant, who was making man feel better in an medically unconventional way. I this point I got tired of being passive observer and asked "Do you have any Pepsi-Cola ?". "No" - assistant replied. "What the heck ?" - said I. "I am not the first time here, couldn't you prepare for my arrival ?". "Bummer" - said she. Then I looked close and noticed that all tables are covered with Pepsi bottles. I poured myself a glass and peacefully interacted with it until alarm clock stopped me.