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My Out of Body Experiences - 13 September 2003

In a dream, I was laying in bed, reading a book. It seemed perfectly normal, till I held my gaze on a single word and saw that it began to change. At this point I went Lucid.

Then I thought that this would be a good time for inducing an OBE - I haven't had one for a while. I said: "I am floating up" and felt lightness in my body. Then I rolled out of bed and found myself hovering above the floor.

I decided to try a new affirmation at this point: "I meet my Spirit Guide". As I said it, spinning motion began, though it wasn't usual revolving around my axis, it was more like standing at the edge of merry-go-round. I closed my eyes and waited.

Motion went on for a long time and I began wondering if it's going to stop at all. Finally, it did and I opened my eyes. There was an older woman in a room with me. She said that her name was Neolita.

The process of talking was strange - it seemed that there was some noise around us, so I tried to speak loudly - but at the same time, maybe I was just 'thinking aloud'.

We exchanged some words and I felt that she is welcoming and loving. I asked Neolita, if she can teach me about the Astral World. She said: "There is nothing to learn". I asked: "How can that be? I had to study in school for 10 years to learn about physical world!"

I don't remember how she replied to this one, but at this point I felt being pulled back. Neolita said that she will have to try stronger spell next time, to help me stay longer with her.

As OBE ended, I found myself back in bed. I thought I was awake, but did a dream check just in case and was pleased to discover that I was still asleep. So, I had another chance for a Lucid Dream experience.

I left the house and went flying around. In a dream it was early Sunday morning, many people were still asleep. I entered some apartment building and began flying up, passing thru ceilings and looking at inhabitants. In one apartment was an unshaven man, who wasn't asleep. He looked at me with glowing eyes and I felt uneasy.

As I felt fear, the dream got nightmarish. After I went thru next ceiling, I found myself in a gray mist. No wonder where I went, I couldn't see. I imagined that the man I saw is a Dream Master and he's doing this to me.

Eventually, I left the scary building and saw the light again. But the paranoia remained - I thought that he can invisibly follow me, find out where I live and make trouble for me in my waking life. To protect myself, I thought it might help to use some magic, so I imagined a protective spell around me, like in computer games. Then I woke up for real.

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