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Out of Body Experience journal

My Out of Body Experiences - 16 Sep 2000
I was laying in my bed, trying the meditation technique described in "Friendship with God" book - listening to myself breathing in and focusing on the "third eye" (space between eyebrows). For a long time nothing was happening and then suddenly I've felt myself moving backward at a great speed. I didn't have control and couldn't see where I was going, but I felt no fear. Some time passed and then I began feeling my body again - I was back in bed. (Actually, now that I am writing that, I remember that first I imagined myself getting up and walking - so the backward movement could have been me being pulled back into my body).

Later on, I was dreaming. In a dream I was in a hotel room, laying on a bed. My body began to go numb, so I thought this could be a good opportunity to go out-of-body. I attempted to rise, but it wasn't easy - weight was holding me down. Finally, I was able to get up. I walked to the next room. There was a girl there. She looked at me and I've felt that she's not merely a guest. "Can you see me?" - I asked. "Yes" - she replied - "You are astrally projecting, aren't you?". "Yes".

After that my experience took more of a dream-like quality. I remember sitting in front of a monitor - and there were listings of other people who are currently out of body. Then, me and the girl began interacting and it was a lot like computer game - we were chasing each other, while changing shapes and sizes. She seemed more experienced at the game. Also, I remember there was like a on-screen scorecard and the two items there were "enemies" and "health". I wanted to ask the girl where these came from, but she wouldn't reply - perhaps she thought I'd figure it our on my own.